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Driveaway path

The driveaway path: maintenance guide for beginner

The driveaway path is considered one of the important aspects of landscape elements for walking, driving and leisure activities. Under several circumstances, the driveway condition can deteriorate quickly. So, how do we maintain our driveaway path effectively? Here are a few factors that driveaway maintenance can be simple and productive: The driveaway path needs to

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Artificial Lawn

Artificial lawn or turf: Q&A guide

Artificial lawn or turf? Which one? Which one of those is a better landscaping choice? Which one has low maintenance and is easy to clean?  Those are the questions people think of when they decide their landscape settings.  Don’t worry, Everlast Services has some common client questions and we’re happy to answer them!  Artificial lawn

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Dog Yard

Dog yard guide: Safe-proof methods

Dog yard is translated as having a dog in your backyard. Every pet-lover has a dog that loves hanging out behind the yard, whether is enjoying the sunshine or nap. As wonderful dogs are,  they are mischief, funny beings that have an overwhelming recklessness. We can train our dogs to be mindful and disciplined. In

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Plant guide: Tips for small gardens

Plant is a gem when it comes to a well-maintained garden. For those who want to have low maintenance and space efficiency, this is the perfect guide on how to leverage your garden! Plant a tree! Trees are essential to gardens. They are the shield for gardens and the flair for landscapes. What needs to

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Vegetable garden

The Vegetable garden: How can it be beneficial to you

The vegetable garden is the most common thing seen nowadays, with the world resources depleting quickly alongside unsustainable resources. In addition, green spaces are reducing quickly due to the overuse of agriculture and human activities. You might be thinking: what happens next? The answer is: Starting your own vegetable patch. Vegetable patches are a great

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Garden backyard

Garden backyard: Designing guide for beginners

Backyard designing can be exciting and adventurous for those wanting to give their garden a makeover.  A beautiful garden involves having a peaceful serenity, guests, and nature all in one package in your own garden. A  garden needs maintenance and attention to be taken care of, therefore it is a priority. Backyard design may look

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Green Garden

Green garden: The eco-friendly guide

Green garden not only shouts ‘eco-friendly’ but also adding an unexpected flair to your landscape of eco-friendliness. The green garden also contributes to low maintenance and high efficiency when it comes to managing it. You might be wondering, how do we enhance even further? There are a few tips below to help kickstart your garden!

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Spring vegetation

Spring vegetation: the ultimate plant guide

Spring vegetation is a perfect time for it to grow and sprout into something fruitful. It helps to compensate for the lack of planting during the winter season. Depending on the climate you live in, Everlast Services is situated in Melbourne. This is a temperate climate zone that harbours 4 seasons a year. We have

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Soil maintenance

Soil Maintenance: Guide for a healthy soil

Soil maintenance with no doubt should be treated with care and love.  Without healthy soil,  it is impossible for plants to thrive and grow healthily. Like all other living organisms, they need nutrients, water and sunlight to grow. Which brings us to the next question: How do we maintain it properly? For those wondering what

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Gardening in spring

Gardening in spring: Cleaning tips guide

Gardening in spring is the time of year where plants and vegetations need tidying up for the upcoming season! Since the garden is thawing out, there are lots of garden elements needed to be reformed. Don’t let the sun be the one doing all the job! Behold, there are some tips for your garden to

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Synthetic lawns

Synthetic lawns guide: (What to be aware of!)

Synthetic lawn are an aspect of a low-maintenance garden that needs to be taken care of regardless. Just because they are artificial doesn’t mean 0 maintenance! It takes less effort and a shorter time to tick that checklist off your weekend. In addition, you get the best out of it since it’s in top shape!

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Water Feature

Water feature elements (Beginner’s guide)

A water feature is an important garden decoration solely for nature lovers wanting to experience nature a step away in their backyard.  It can be very daunting to replicate a natural element as the risk of creating something artificial is higher.   So, how do we do it? How can we incorporate some of the

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