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Types of concrete garden edging

What Types of Concrete Garden Edging Are There?

Wondering what types of concrete garden edging there are? Concrete edging is a great way to add interest to any garden. It’s visually striking and can help to cut down the time it takes to maintain your garden. It’s a fantastic investment as it keeps your garden looking neat and tidy without having to do

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How Much Does a Concrete Driveway Cost?

There are so many benefits to getting a concrete driveway: they add value to your house, they’re durable and low-maintenance, and their good looks will never fade. All of this means that concrete driveways are ultimately very cost effective. But how much does a concrete driveway cost? Factors That Will Affect the Price of Your

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Sitting around a backyard fire pit

Winter Home Maintenance Tips & Tricks

As tempting as it is to spend all the winter months bundled up in the warmth of the indoors, you should try not to neglect your property, especially since winter can bring with it a unique set of challenges when it comes to maintaining your home. Here are our Winter home maintenance tips and tricks

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SS141 - Heritage Spear Sliding Gate and Infills

How to Maintain Your Automatic Electric Driveway Security Gate

Just like any other gate, you should make sure that you know how to maintain your automatic electric driveway security gate. These gates are a great investment and can do wonders to protect you and your family while also being convenient and stylish, but you want to make sure that you are properly caring for

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Backyard Irrigation System

How to Set Up a Backyard Irrigation System

Rather than having to hand water your entire garden, having your own backyard irrigation system can save you a lot of time and effort in the long-run. It also makes watering your garden low wastage. The key to a successful and effective backyard irrigation system is to plan it ohttps://www.everlastservices.com.au/how-to-make-your-garden-more-eco-friendly/ut beforehand, which will ensure you

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Pool Fencing

Which Timber Should I Use For My Decking?

Any backyard area can benefit from having a deck. Although many people think they need a large outdoor area to have a deck, but this is a complete misconception. As long as you take in the variables of your backyard when planning your deck, decking makes the perfect addition to a backyard of any size.

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Jarrah Decking Versus Merbau Decking

No matter the size of your backyard, decking is a great way to spruce up any area. It has the practical benefits of giving you a leisure space as well as adding value to your home. For summer months, in particular, a deck is the perfect space to host a barbeque with friends and family

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Rooftop garden in a small urban spaces

DIY Gardening Ideas for Small Urban Spaces

People often think that small gardens, particularly in urban spaces, limit what you can do in terms of garden design. And while it may take some extra creativity and planning, this couldn’t be further from the truth. You’d be surprised how much you can fit into a small space to create a vibrant and lavish

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autumn landscaping tips

Autumn Landscaping Tips: What to Plant and Prune

Autumn in Melbourne is most certainly upon us and the cool change that it brings can mean that it’s the perfect time to get some gardening done. Although spring is often thought of as the go-to season for gardening, autumn also provides the perfect happy-medium for many gardeners as you don’t have to deal with

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Fencing rules & regulations in Victoria

Your Guide to Fencing Rules and Regulations in Victoria

If you’re planning on building a new fence, it’s important to know that in Victoria there are strict rules and regulations. If you don’t follow these rules, then you are at risk of getting a visit from a council official and having to tear down your fence, which is an unnecessary waste of both time

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Tips & tricks for finishing concrete

Tips and Tricks for Finishing Concrete

Achieving a beautifully smooth finish when pouring your own concrete can be harder than it looks. These tips and tricks will not only leave you with aesthetically pleasing and even concrete, but will also ensure its durability and a long-lasting surface. Make Sure You Have the Right Tools Having a proper set of tools will

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How to create a minimalist garden

How To Create a Minimalist Garden

Minimalism is very much in vogue. The Marie Kondo bug has bitten, and everyone is looking to downsize, declutter and pare back in search of a more simple and carefree life. The aesthetic itself has also caught on, which means ornate decorations and busy designs have been replaced with sleek lines, empty spaces and a

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