Guide to soil health

Soil health should be a concern for everyone growing plants, fruit and vegetables in their backyard. Creating healthy soil will provide nutrients, oxygen, water and support for your plant roots.

Healthy soil is vital for healthy plant growth. This includes everything from your lawn and shrubs, plants, fruits and vegetables, which need the best conditions and diet, oxygen and water. Good soil health not only ensures that they really flourish but also makes them less likely to suffer from disease and pest invasion.

Healthy soil needs a healthy pH level and ideally, to ensure that plants can absorb the minerals they need, you want your soil pH to be as close to neutral as possible. Most plants are suited to near neutral soils with a pH value in the range of 6.5-7.5. Soils that are regularly fertilised with organic fertilisers have microorganisms that produce organic acids, which are generally in the 6.5-7 range. Use a PH measuring meter or PH test paper to get the correct value.

The ideal soil for growing vegetables needs to be fertile and loose, as well as well drained and breathable. If the soil in your backyard is dry when you dig it up with a shovel, you will need to buy some flowering soil and organic fertiliser to improve the quality of the soil.

The colour of the soil can also be used as an initial guide. Black or red soils often have more nutrients than other colours. If the soil is sandy, the nutrients are likely to be relatively poor, while clayey soils are better at storing water and retaining more nutrients. If the soil is prepared properly, the vegetables will naturally look good and will not look like they are undernourished.

Weed removal is also an important part of preparing the soil. If weeds are not cleared, they tend to grow faster than the seedlings and all the nutrients in the soil will be absorbed by them.

Overall, to improve the health of your soil you can simply add organic matter or fertiliser on a regular basis, although this is the best way to improve the health of your soil.


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