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How to install a Colorbond fence

How to Install A Colorbond Fence

Installing a Colorbond fence can be a simple procedure, as long as you have the right tools and plain instructions. So here are all the things you’ll need and the step-by-step process to help bring down an old fence and install a new Colorbond fence. What You Will Need to Install a Colorbond Fence Rubber

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Concrete finishes

Your Complete Guide to Concrete Finishes

People underestimate the aesthetic beauty of concrete. It is celebrated the world around for it’s durability, toughness and value-for-money but it doesn’t get the credit it deserves for the sheer variety of looks you can create out of it. It malleability means you can add your own touch to the concrete – give it a

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Top 11 garden ideas

Everlast Service’s Top 11 Garden Ideas

This time of year, all us Aussies love spending time outside in our little slice of paradise. The days are longer, the weather is warmer—now is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer. But, does your garden need a bit of a boost? Just like the inside

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Green Steel Fencing with Gate

Front Fence Designs: How to Choose the Right One

Choosing the right front fence design for your house is a difficult task. What makes it difficult is that you have to weigh up functionality with aesthetics. This doesn’t often happen when it comes to home renovations and design. For instance, when you’re choosing the colour for the paint in your lounge room, you don’t really

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How to stencil concrete

How to Stencil Concrete

Stenciled concrete is popping up everywhere and when you consider the number of advantages it carries, it’s easy to see why. Stenciled concrete opens up an almost unlimited amount of potential looks, styles and textures. You can turn your back patio into a Romanesque terrace using terracotta stenciling. You can make your driveway look like

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Backyard landscaping tips and tricks

Backyard Landscaping Tips and Tricks

There’s a budding backyard landscaper in all of us. Everyone has looked out at their backyard and dreamed about turning that corner into an outdoor-open fireplace,  that empty space into a Jarrah decking or having a pergola surrounded by roses, right in the middle of the yard. Unfortunately, there’s often a huge gap between your

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Concrete driveway maintenance

How to Care For Your Concrete Driveway

The best part about concrete driveways is that they need very little maintenance. But, that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a little bit of love every now and then. If you take care of your driveway, it will last you a lifetime and look exactly as it did the day it was poured. The following

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Landscaping ideas for small spaces

Landscaping Ideas for Small Spaces

Backyards are getting smaller and smaller, and long gone is the Australian dream of an acre for everyone. But, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing; in fact, smaller backyards can often become the most beautifully landscaped backyards of all. So, don’t despair that you don’t have enough room for a pool, a tennis

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1300 LETS LANDSCAPE billboard

Your Neighbours Will Have Garden Envy – 1300 LETS LANDSCAPE Billboard

If you have recently been driving on the Western Freeway in Melbourne near the Ballarat and Fitzgerald Road exit, you have may have noticed our brand new billboard ‘Your neighbours will have garden envy.’. This billboard promotes our range of landscaping services that will help to transform your garden so that you (and your neighbours!)

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Concrete driveway repairs

The Ultimate Guide to Concrete Driveway Repairs

Concrete is among the most durable construction materials on the planet. It is quite literally a densely packed layer of an assortment of incredibly strong ingredients that all add up to become one amazingly strong slab of toughness. That’s why concrete driveways are such a popular option for houses. However, even the strong can come apart

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T32 - Outdoor patio decking

How to Build A Deck

A deck is a great Aussie tradition. No backyard is complete without a beautifully built deck to hold barbeques, parties or family dinners all summer long. On top of all the personal enjoyment a deck can provide, they also add enormous value to your home and make for a wonderful addition to any backyard, no matter

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Concreting - Driveway - Everlast Services

Concrete Driveways Melbourne Ideas and Options

Whether you’re building a new house or looking to freshen up your existing property, your driveway should be at the forefront of your planning. The driveway is often undersold as an important element of a property. People tend to see it as simply the thing that gets you from the road to your garage. But

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