Having a Stamped Concrete Patio, yes or no?

When we think about adding more beauty and curb appeal to your home, a stamped concrete patio may be a better choice. Then, some may imagine a picture of boring old slab of gray stone. However, it’s totally different now. The stamped concrete patio has popular types of material, which are durable and low budget.

The cost of a stamped concrete patio design

It’s always a good time to know the cost first for then we can decide whether it will worth it or not. Generally, the cost is based on a few things, the size, the type of your texture, the design. The general cost is from $2,600 to $6,000, which is contributed to the expensive labor for installing is pretty complicated. What if DIY? That’s another choice, which requires you have professional skills and costs maybe $1,000. So we recommend a local professional company—we Everlast Services

Knowing the advantages first can make us make wise decisions as well. Here are the facts:

Its ease of installation. Compared with concrete pavers, a stamped concrete patio need less labor-extensive for each paver needs to be hauled and set, while stamped concrete is a matter of mixing, pouring and stamping. With less money and high resale value, you can have a win-win situation.

Limitless pattern and color choices. There are plenty of patterns and colors that can meet your needs separately. The most popular types are natural stone patterns such as slate and flagstone. The most popular colors tend to be grays and earth tones. However, colors can be mixed, which can provides a personal decorative appeal to your home.

Its ease of cleaning and maintaining. All you need to use water and soap to rinse. All done!


If you’re considering having one, feel free to contact us Everlast Services. We are always more than happy to visit your home, provide detailed information and samples, and discuss how we can best meet your needs.