Backyard lawn – beginner guide

Having a nice lawn in the backyard of your house for your pup or children to play on is one of life’s great pleasures. But before you can do that, you need to choose the right type of lawn, and that takes into account many factors beyond just the condition of your garden.

Buffalo grass

Buffalo grass is relatively low maintenance and is best suited to families with children and pets. It can repair itself quickly, meaning fewer patches and dead spots. Many varieties also have excellent resistance to pests and diseases and therefore do not require the application of excessive chemicals.

Zoysia grass

It has a dense growth due to its large horizontal roots but is not too tall. It likes to grow in warm, moist places, is shade tolerant, pest and disease resistant, and is also salinity resistant, barren and trample resistant, making it ideal for sports fields and slope protection.

Once you have a lawn, how do you make sure it flourishes and doesn’t go bare?

If the missing area is large, it will also basically need to be re-turfed. You can choose a piece of lawn that has already grown and just lay it on the ground. You can buy Instant Turf at bunnings. You can choose the size of the grass depending on the area missing.

Sowing your own grass seed is another option, but it takes time. You can buy some grass seed and fertiliser at bunnings. Remember that you need to turn over the soil first, then sprinkle the seeds and fertilise and water the area, then turn over the soil again and wait patiently for the grass to grow.

Proper mowing is an essential task if you want to keep your lawn well maintained. If you want to save time, you can choose those lawns that are inherently low, so that the mowing workload will be much less.


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