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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting (Guide for night views)

Outdoor lighting is a magical element needed to transform our garden into a fantasy land! Often, we tend to focus more on the layout and landscape rather than adding flair to it. But mind this, a sensible and artistically beautiful lighting layout can bring a warm and romantic atmosphere to a courtyard at night. It

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Garden Irrigation Systems

Garden irrigation systems: the beginner guide

Garden irrigation systems are one of the most important landscape watering foundations for areas with large vegetation and plantations. Did you know, irrigation systems help to preserve costs for water usage. Despite the costs being spent on installing the systems, studies show that 30-50% of water usage is being saved with water irrigation systems! If

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Mediterranean-style courtyard

The Mediterranean-style courtyard has been a demand in the home improvement industry in recent years. One of the greatest appeals of this style comes from its colour combinations: snow-white walls, potted pots filled with flowers, and tiled gardens that evoke distinct imagery! So, people might be wondering,  how do the gardens look? Mediterranean garden design

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Vertical Garden

Vertical garden: 3 ways to decorate it

The vertical garden is an environmentally friendly, green layer of wall that adds an aspect of privacy for your landscape. It is definitely cost and space-efficient for those with a small garden! For plant-lovers wanting to DIY their own vertical wall, Everlast Services had experience designing and consulting clients to tailor their garden and comfort

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Fences home guide: 3 ways to maintain it

Ever notice that after a period of time, fences start to degrade in appearance? You might start to wonder if it’s just bad maintenance or poor quality paint. Soon enough, you notice it always leads back to harsh weather environments, fallen branches, or minor tears that impact fence performance.  So, why do fences need maintenance? 

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Best fertilizer for your garden

Our lawn constantly needs replenishment of nutrients regardless of the seasons. Different exposures to heat, cold, dry and wet will make or break our plants if they don’t have accessibility to nutrient supplies. If you do not have a basic understanding of the various types of fertilizer needed for plants, then this is a guide

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Choosing a suitable deck material for your balcony view

Balcony, the essence of a beautiful home landscape and a leisure spot for lifestyle enjoyment. It is an exciting journey to provide the best comfortable spot for your own space. Since they are widely sought these days, If you feel lost about which wood material is best for your housing home, refer to the guide

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Security gates

Security gates: maintaining safety

Have you ever wondered about what happens after you install security gates? Well, the next thing you should do is be careful with maintaining them! Yes, careful! Remember, just because you have them installed in place doesn’t mean it is safe-proof. Just as it keeps your family away from trespassers and danger, you should also

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Are you actually keeping your pool clean?

Having a pool as part of your garden landscape can be aesthetically pleasing as well being a part of your leisure addition during warm sunny days…  But maintaining it? That’s another story. Pool is a long-term maintenance that requires constant care every week or two, with high standards of hygiene being met. So, for pool-lovers,

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Benefits of Mulch

One of the key elements of gardening is mulching. Regardless of whether you have a flower filled garden or a vegetable garden, mulch is a vital addition to your garden bed. Using mulch will ensure that your flowers are blooming well and your vegetables are thriving. Mulch has many benefits that will see that your

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Guide to maintain your wooden deck

The deck is an important element of outdoor living enjoyment and lazing around during a sunny afternoon. However, decks are prone to harsh weather conditions such as hail, rain, and snow which affect the quality, making it uncomfortable to leisure. So how do we prevent those hazards from degrading our deck too much?  Decks are

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Morocco inspired courtyard

Moroccan inspired courtyard

Looking to spice up your boredom courtyard? Or maybe adding a few flairs? Everlast Services recommends a stylish Moroccan interior design! It’s for bright vivid colours, gorgeous ottomans and perfectly aligned geometric patterns on its furniture. Moroccan décor uses a combination of textures and colours to create that dreamy atmosphere. Here are our few tips

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