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IS6 - Square Rod Top Security Panel

How Do You Benefit from Security Fencing?

Remember that your top most priority for installing a security fence is to boost security. Both residential and commercial enterprises in Melbourne have invested heavily in security fences. These fences come with added protection features such as anti-cut and anti-climb features that make it impossible for intruders to access your property. Quite a number of

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IS7 - Square Rod Top Security Panel Close Up

Security Fencing From Everlastfencing

To most home owners security is a major concern, now an effective and one important way to ensure your home secure is using security fencing. Security fencing Security fencing is designed to keep your home safe and give your home a boundary. Now the aim of fencing is to make it difficult for intruders to access your

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A77 - Concrete Pillars with Aluminium Slats Infills View 2

Aluminium Slats for Your Privacy

No one likes to feel exposed in your own home? Truthfully no one likes to be exposed and everyone craves some privacy, however you don’t want to be walling yourself away by installing a privacy fence. As more and more people desire privacy, the options become more and more. While there are many choices however

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SF114 - Steel Fencing + Perforated Sheeting 3 (Heritage Design)

What Fence Design is Right For You?

Whenever your putting up a fence it truly is a big investment for your home. This type of investment should be undertaken wisely with the right advice and right choices, particularly when it comes to designs, types and materials. While your designs need to be functional, they also must look good and complement your home. Over

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A225 - Black Slats Fencing Aluminium

Aluminium Slat Fencing – A Growing Style with Growing Options

EverLast Fencing has redesigned its aluminium slats in order to reinforce the slats and still maintain the good look. The way we have done this is by adding a rung in the middle in the interior; the additional strength in the slats makes them suitable for both commercial and residential homes. While we do sell

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DG26 - Horizontal Aluminium Slats Double Gate - Hoppers Crossing

Safeguard Your Property with Aluminium Slat Fencing

The fence is a separator between buildings and properties, but while it separates it does not isolate. Fences serve as a protector as well as help protect resident’s privacy, but beyond that the fence is also an important component in supporting the aesthetic value of the building. To match the fence there are also 3

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Benefits of steel fencing

Benefits of Installing Steel Fencing

Like denim, the steel picket fence has been around eons and still it has never lost its touch. For a more secure home, a galvanized steel fence can be extremely useful. It is stronger than aluminium fencing and aluminium slats, and the material also suits certain types of home better. Steel picket fences are especially suited to home owners

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A35 - Horizontal Jarrah Slats Fencing Infills Point Cook

Aluminum Slat Fencing – The Future of Fencing

Aluminium slats are in our views the future material of the fencing industry, it is durable, clean, low maintenance, cost effective and most important of all it looks fantastic! Slat Fencing are used for boundary fencing, privacy screens and for segregation fencing for specific areas. Fences made of aluminium are not only ideal for boundary fencing; they are also very

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MW 37 - Swimming Pool Glass And Black Fence

Improved Protection with a Proper Pool Fencing

  Pool fencing is a way of maintaining safety in order to reduce the number of drowning incidents among young kids. This is the most direct method and greatly prevents serious immersion injuries caused to children as well as accident that may occur for intoxicated people. The owner of the pool has the responsibility to effectively

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SP1 - Level Double Bar Spear Pool Fencing

Top Benefits of Pool Fencing

A pool fence is also known by other names such as child guard fencing, pool barriers, safety fencing etc. They can come in a variety of powder coated colours but most commonly they come in black. Everlast Fencing is a Melbourne based fencing specialist, we can do both Aluminum and steel pool fencing. Since 2000

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MW 75 - Swimming Pool Lighting Modular Fence

When A Fence Is More Than A Fence

No fence is as important to your home as a pool fence. Theses fences are so important due to the fact that they can potentially mean the difference between a life and death situation. These fences are so important now that in all areas we have.

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A57 - Surfmist Horizontal Privacy Slats Screening

The Benefits of Using Privacy Fences Around Your Home

Sometimes you just need a little escape from the rest of the world. You spend most of your days at work, running errands, and dealing with countless other responsibilities. So, when you get home, you just want to relax and unwind. The best way to do that is with privacy fences. Yes, this type of

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