At Everlast we value the reputation we have built up over the last 20 years, a reputation for quality products that last. This reputation extends to all of our concrete and concreting services. We only use locally sourced, quality products so you get an affordable, finished product that is sure to leave a smile on your face for years into the future.

We only employ quality contractors, who are skilled in a variety of techniques and services. We take care of everything, from the excavation to the pour, to the seal and clean up – so all you have to do is pick up the phone and let us take care of the rest.

  • PLC1 – Plain Concrete Crossover
  • PLC2 – Plain Concrete w/ Border
  • PLC3 – Plain Concrete w/ Border
  • PLC4 – Plain Concrete w/ Border
  • PC62 – concreter-vermont
  • PC60 – vermont-concreting-everlast-services
  • PLC7 – Plain Concrete Before and After
  • Plain Concrete Path
  • Plain-Concrete-with-Redgum-Mulch
  • Plain Concrete
  • CC1 – Sand Coloured Concrete Driveway
  • CC2 – Charcoal Coloured Concrete Driveway
  • CC3 – Concrete Driveway
  • CC4 – Red Coloured Concrete Driveway
  • CC5 – Sand Colour Concrete Driveway
  • CC7 – Dark Colour Concrete Driveway
  • CC8 – Coloured Concrete Driveway
  • CC9 – Bluegum Coloured Concrete
  • SC1 – Stamped Concrete
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Stamped Concrete
  • STE1 –  Tile Stencil Concrete Driveway
  • STE2 – Runningbond Stencils with Border
  • STE3 – Tile Look Stencil with Brick Boarder
  • STE4 – Herringbone Stencil Concrete
  • STE5 – Bushrock Stencil Concrete around Pool
  • STE6 – Bushrock Stencil Concrete around Pool
  • STE6 – Bushrock Stencil Concrete around Pool Before and After
  • STE8 – Bush Rock Stencil Concrete around Pool
  • STE9 – Bushrock Stencil Concrete Path
  • STE10 – Bush Rock Stencil Concrete
  • STE11 – Bush Rock Stencil Concrete
  • STE12 – Stencil Concrete with Flower Ring Pattern
  • L245 – Back Porch Paving
  • L246 – Front Porch Travertine
  • L247 – Porch Travertine Paving 2
  • L248 – Porch Travertine Paving
  • L249 – Travertine Pavers Front Porch
  • EA55 – Exposed Aggregate Driveway
  • EA1 – Dark Exposed Aggregate Side of House
  • EA2 – Exposed Aggregate Concrete Close Up
  • EA3 – Dark Exposed Concrete Steps
  • EA4 – Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveway
  • EA5 – Exposed Aggregate Side of House
  • EA7 – Light Exposed Aggregate Driveway
  • EA8 – Dark Exposed Aggregate Side of House
  • EA9 – Dark Exposed Aggregate Front with Miniwall Tree Circle
  • EA10 – Exposed Aggregate Concrete Steps
  • EA11 – Exposed Aggregate Driveway
  • EA12 – Exposed Aggregate Truganina
  • EA13 – Slats Double Gate + Exposed Aggregate Concrete
  • EA14 – Exposed Aggregate Truganina 2
  • EA15 – Outwest Concrete Type 27
  • EA16 – Outwest Concrete Type 27
  • EA17 – Outwest Concrete Type 27
  • EA18 – Driveway Before and After – Concrete Type 13
  • EA19 – Exposed Aggregate
  • EA20 – Exposed Aggregate
  • EA21 – SL2 Concrete
  • EA22 – SL2 Concrete
  • EA23 – SL2 Exposed Aggregate
  • EA24 - Exposed Aggregate Driveway
  • EA25 - Side Access Exposed Aggregate
  • EA26 - Exposed-Aggregate-Driveway
  • EA27 - Exposed-Aggregate-Front-Yard
  • EA28 - Exposed-Aggregate-Pathway-Backyard
  • EA29 – Exposed Aggregate
  • EA30 - exposed-aggregate-stoop
  • EA31 - exposed-aggregate
  • EA32 - Driveway-Exposed-Aggregate
  • EA33 – Exposed Aggregate Footpath
  • EA34 - Exposed Aggregate Before and After
  • EA35 - Side Access Exposed Aggregate Before and After
  • EA36 – Exposed Aggregate Backyard
  • EA37 – Backyard Concrete Before and After
  • EA38 – Footpath Before and After Exposed Aggregate
  • EA39 – Footpath Exposed Aggregate
  • EA40 – Front Driveway Before and After Exposed Aggregate
  • EA41 – Exposed Aggregate Driveway
  • EA42 – Backyard Exposed Aggregate Footpath
  • EA43 – Driveway Exposed Aggregate
  • EA44 – Exposed Aggregate Footpath Backyard
  • EA45 – Exposed Aggregate Footpath
  • EA46 – Footpath Exposed Aggregate
  • EA47 – Exposed Aggregate Driveway
  • EA48 – Before and After Exposed Aggregate
  • EA49 - Side Exposed Aggregate
  • EA50 - Back-Aggregate-concreting
  • EA51 – Before-and-After-of-Side-Concrete
  • EA52 - Exposed-Aggregate-Front
  • EA53 - Exposed-Aggregate-Driveway-Residential
  • EA54 - Exposed-Aggregate-Driveway
  • EA55 - Type 7 Exposed Aggregate Driveway
  • EA59 - Exposed-Aggregate-Side-Footpath-
  • Side Footpath 2
  • Back-yard-Exposed-Aggregate-with-Synthetic-Grass-and-Decking
  • Exposed-Aggregate-Driveway
  • Exposed Aggregate Front Driveway and Path View 2
  • Exposed Aggregate Front Driveway and Path
  • EA65 – Exposed Aggregate + Motorised Double Gate
  • Before and After Concrete
  • Exposed Aggregate Front Driveway
  • Exposed Aggregate Side
  • Offwhite Exposed Aggregate
  • 5050 Plain Exposed Aggregate
  • Backyard Footpath With Synthetic Grass
  • Exposed Silvermist
  • Exposed Silver Mist Footpath
  • Exposed Silvermist Driveway
  • Exposed Aggregate Footpath
  • Exposed Driveway
  • Driveway Exposed Aggregate
  • Offwhite Exposed Drivewy 2
  • Offwhite Exposed Path
  • Offwhite Back Path
  • Offwhite Exposed Driveway
  • EA83 – 5050 Exposed Aggregate 2
  • EA84 – 5050 Exposed Aggregate 1
  • EA85 – Exposed Aggregate Driveway with Steps
  • EA86 – Exposed Aggregate Driveway
  • EA87 –  Exposed Aggregate Driveway Point Cook
  • EA88 – 70% Black Pebbles Exposed
  • EA89 – 70% 30% Exposed
  • EA90 – Exposed Driveway Constantine Point Cook
  • EA91 – Side Exposed Aggregate Giaconda Point Cook
  • EA92 – Side Exposed Aggregate Giaconda Point Cook 2
  • EA93 – Amanda Exposed Aggregate Point Cook
  • EA94 – Amanda Side Exposed
  • EA95 – Back Side Exposed Aggregate
  • PLC11 – Yarraville – Concrete Driveway

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Our Concreting Services

  • Exposed Aggregate: so you can enjoy all the benefits of regular cement, as well as add a striking aesthetic to your outdoor area or even your driveway. Exposed aggregate is the perfect finish for pool areas and driveways due to its non-slip properties.
  • Driveways: for a durable, easy to maintain entry point to your house, and a finish that you’re sure to love.
  • Painted Concrete: go beyond the old-school, cold, grey cement. With Everlast on the job, the possibilities are endless. We can provide a variety of colours and finishes to choose from. We will transform your driveway or paving into a visual spectacle that adds value to your home.

Why Choose Everlast?

  • Everlast Services is a completely Australian owned and operated company, with our showroom and innovative manufacturing plant located in Hoppers Crossing in the west of Melbourne.
  • We deliver superior quality services at an exceptionally affordable price.
  • With over 20 years experience, we really do know all there is to know about very single facet of concreting and backyard landscaping. Don’t you want the friendly team from Everlast to apply its knowledge to your next job?
  • We provide a whole range of products and services, apart from just concreting. We really are the complete package when it comes to your backyard needs, from fencing supplies and services, decking and pergolas, right through to landscaping.

Commonly asked questions about concreting

A: Everlast Services has built a quality reputation over 20 years and only uses locally sourced products for plain concrete, slate driveways, coloured concrete, stamped concrete, stencil concrete, concrete driveways and exposed aggregate concrete.
A: Everlast Services recommends sealing concrete as a necessary part of the installation and maintenance processes. A sealer enhances the look of concrete providing a richness and gloss to the overall appearance. It will also protect concrete from the elements such as fading due to sun exposure, staining or surface damage plus corrosion from water and mineral salts absorption.
A: 7 days is the industry standard, before parking on a newly poured concrete driveway. By then, you can park your personal vehicle on it. During the first 24 hours, a newly poured concrete driveway should have no traffic on it at all—even foot traffic. After 48 hours, people can walk on the concrete, but skateboards, bicycles, prams and so on, should not be used on the concrete. After 30 days, the concrete has developed its intended strength and heavier vehicles and equipment can be parked. This is also the best time for a sealant to be applied.
A: Everlast Services is back by 20 years of craftsmanship and experience and can highly recommend exposed aggregate, plain concrete, pavers, stamped concrete and stenciled concrete as the best materials for superior quality driveways.
A: Everlast Services is happy to provide specific advice on availability in your area.

If you require a reliable, enthusiastic, affordable company to look after your driveway or concrete needs, then contact us now, it’s as easy as.

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