Everlast Services is a master craftsman when it comes to gates in Melbourne. We design our gates to be stylish, durable and easy to maintain. Our front gates can protect your home and provide you with a stylish visual that adds value to your house.

We offer free quotes and property visits and specialise in all types of gates; from single and double, to sliding and swinging. We even offer automated front gates in all of these varieties. So whether you want a gate for your driveway or a pool gate to keep your kids safe, you can trust us to create one that is stylish, affordable and built to last.

The best part is, we design and fabricate our steel and aluminium gates at our own manufacturing plant in Hoppers Crossing. This means you get the look you want at a lower price—there’s no middleman upping the price.

Remember, everything is fully customisable – you tell us your vision and we will make it a reality.

  • DG3 – Black Post + Frame + Jarrah Slats Double Gate – Altona
  • DG20 – Black Horizontal Slats Driveway Gate
  • DG21 – Black Post + Frame with WRC Slats Double Gate
  • DG23 – Ironstone Horizontal Slats Double Gate
  • DG24 – Monument Slats Double Gate with 0mm Gap
  • DG25 – Motorised Double Gate Back
  • DG29 – Motorised Slats Double Gate
  • DG30 – Black Horizontal Slats Double Gate – Maidstone
  • SWG21 – Double gate
  • Motorised Sliding Gate
  • SG8 – Mini Orb Cladded Sliding Gate with Inbuilt Single Gate
  • SG24 – Red Oxley Ring Sliding Gate Cladded with Colourbond – Hoppers Crossing
  • SG26 – Primrose Level Spear Double Sliding Gate
  • SG29 – WRC Slats Trapize Sliding Gate
  • SS42 – Square Custom Pattern Tubular Single Gate
  • SS56 – Black Slats Single Gate with 2 Panels Side View
  • SS61 – Monument Slats Single Gate with 0mm Gap
  • SS64 – Black Horizontal Slats Single Gate
  • A66 – Beige Post + Frame with Surfmist Horizontal Slats Sliding Gate
  • AD9 – Steel Sliding Gate

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Why Choose Everlast Services for Your Gates?

  • We have our own manufacturing plant in Hoppers Crossing, meaning we can vouch for all of our products because they are made right under our nose. We only use 100% Australian owned and made materials and because we are 100% Australian owned you also get to put back into the local economy by going with Everlast Services.
  • We are committed to passing on quality products that everyone can afford.
  • There is nothing more valuable than experience and knowledge when it comes to designing, fabricating and installing gates. We have 20 years of experience behind us and a reputation that stands as testament to the quality of our workmanship.
  • If you want to go down the DIY-route, not only can we offer you invaluable advice we can also provide you with all of the materials you need. You can be sure that they will be of the highest quality and because we cut out the middleman our prices are unbeatable.
  • We also offer services in fencing, concreting and landscaping. We really are a one-stop shop for all of your outdoor construction needs. All of our services carry the same commitment to providing value for money, passionate contractors and unbelievable workmanship.

Commonly asked questions about gates

A: Everlast Services specialises in automated gates; from single and double, to sliding and swinging. Whether you want an automated gate for your driveway or a side gate to keep your kids safe, you can trust us to create one that is stylish, affordable and built to last.
A: To clean a wrought iron gate, first you must remove any dirt or dust with a cloth or brush. Then wash the entire gate with a mild soap and warm water, before rinsing it with clean water to remove all traces of soap. Avoid soap that contains bleach as it can damage the wrought iron. Ideally let the wrought iron air dry but you can dry it manually with a clean cloth. If you wish to remove any rust use a coarse wire brush over the gate and then give it a final wipe with a clean cloth.
A: A cantilever gate is designed to support an overhanging structure (gate) up to 10 metres without the need for external brackets. It slides on support rollers, fixed to a concrete foundation, enabling a smooth and silent gliding motion. Ideal for uneven or inclined environments as the gate requires no track or lateral swing room for it to open.

If you need a gate or need some advice on creating your own, why not give us a call? We are honest, reliable and dedicated to your fencing project. We even provide completely free, no obligation quotes.

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