Landscaping Ideas for Front of House

Looking to give the front yard a bit of a revamp and on the hunt for landscaping ideas for front of house? We’ve got you covered. Taking the time to landscape your front of house can carry many benefits. Not only can a polished front yard increase your house value, but it’s the first thing you and your guests will see when they arrive – so why not ensure it leaves a lasting impression?

There are so many ways to inject your garden with renewed life that at times it can be hard to know where to begin. We’ve compiled a few landscaping ideas for front of house get you started on your front yard blitz.

Ideas for creating a good entry point

Let’s start with a key design element to the layout of your front yard – the entryway. This encompasses everything from your driveway, to your adjoining front path and doorway access.

The main thing to remember here is to keep it simple and visible. Your entry point should be easy for guests to identify and typically take the most convenient path of access from the road to doorstep.


Your driveway should be structured to provide smooth vehicle circulation, parking and an inviting walkway to the door.

Once you’ve figured out the layout of your driveway, you can start working out how to tie it in with other landscaping ideas for your front yard. Concrete is the most common material used in driveways, as it is sturdy, durable, visually appealing and versatile to meet a range of design styles. Whether you’re after a minimalistic design that blends into your front yard or an eye catching luxury finish, Everlast Services can provide the right finish for your vision.


Think functionality first with pathways. This means direct access from driveway to doorstep. A winding path is one of those tempting frontyard landscaping ideas, but there is no reason to send your guests meandering about just for the sake of it.

If you want to add some charm to your pathway, you can employ the use of pavers, exposed aggregate concrete, painted concrete or steppingstones. The right design will depend on the existing style of your home, so it’s good to work with similar colours and textures to ensure continuation from the home to the yard.

You can also line your pathway with hedging or garden beds to accentuate the access route and provide some visual amenity along your walkway. If you do so, try to keep them below knee height so the pathway doesn’t feel overcrowded or constricted.

Front Yard Plant Selection

A collection of landscaping ideas for the front yard wouldn’t be complete without covering the all-important plant selection.


Trees are a great means to providing shade cover, framing, and bulking out a front yard landscape design. It’s best to opt for a few accent trees scattered through the front yard. The exact number of trees you’ll need will depend on the size of your yard.

Map out where you wish these to be planted as the first step in designing your garden. Take care to consider shade cover, outlining, and safety. Once you’ve got this in position you can plan your garden beds, edgings and lawns around the tree structure.


Nothing can brighten a front yard like a pop of colour from a lush flowerbed. Using bold colourful blooms in your garden can deliver big impact in a small space, while creating an inviting atmosphere for the front of house. Flowers do require care and maintenance, so try and avoid overcrowding your front yard with them. They can also be a great means for filling in the gaps in a new garden until your woody plants grow enough to show through.

If you have a particularly flat front yard, using terraced or raised planters can add depth and texture to your yard. Fill your planters with plants of contrasting colour and texture, and that are relatively low maintenance.

Using a blend of evergreen and deciduous plants throughout your front yard will ensure your garden looks stunning year round. Plus, your yard will be constantly evolving in appearance as your plants come in and out of season.


The lawn is the final element that ties your entire front yard design together. Nothing is more appealing than the sight of a sprawling, lush green lawn at your doorstep. There are a few considerations to make to ensure you’re opting for the right lawn type for your climate.

Buffalo grass is most popular and low maintenance, while Zoysia grass is best suited to tropical climates. Check out our full guide to picking the right grass for your front yard.

Got a design plan in mind but not the time to execute it? Why not leave the dirty work to our experienced professionals? Get in touch with Everlast Services today to find out how we can bring your front yard landscaping ideas to life.