Deck Maintenance Tips for Summer

The days are getting longer and longer, friends are entertaining more often, kids are running barefoot in the backyard and we’re all getting a bit more time off work. It must be summer.

If you’re lucky enough to have a deck, you’ll know how nice it is to spend a sunny afternoon there relaxing with a book or watching the kids muck around in the backyard. To keep your deck in tip-top shape, here are our deck maintenance tips for summer.

Deck Maintenance Tips During Summer

While summer is in full swing, there are some steps you can take to keep your deck in good condition. For the most part, these steps are simple and manageable. That’s because summer is the time when you want to be enjoying your deck rather than tirelessly working on it.

1.    Routine Maintenance

First of all, make sure you are regularly sweeping your deck and keeping it clean over summer. Allowing debris and dirt to accumulate can stain your deck permanently. This is especially true of wet leaves that may pile up in a corner and promote rot.

2.    Remove Protruding Nails

Some deck maintenance can be put off until next year so you can focus on enjoying your time outside. However, protruding nails should be dealt with when you discover them, especially if you have children that run around your garden barefoot during summer.

A protuberant nail can be pried out with the back of a hammer and replaced with a new nail of the same size. Hammer the replacement nail into a new hole close to the original one. Finish by inserting a decking screw to prevent the nail from loosening in the future.

You can even smooth putty over the rest of the hole to help hold the nail and decking screw in place.

If you are feeling lazy, you could simply hammer the protruding nail back into the deck. However, this is an imperfect fix, as the hole will be larger now that the nail has been hammered back in. Instead, it’s a better idea to fix the nail permanently to prevent future problems.

3.    Move Your Furniture

Sun exposure can lead to deck fading. With your deck receiving the greatest sun exposure during summer, it’s important to take measures to avoid discolouration and fading.

One way to keep the colour of your deck looking consistent is to move your deck furniture around. This will stop the sun fading your deck everywhere except underneath furniture that hasn’t been moved for months or even years.

By moving things around every so often, you will ensure your deck gets an even amount of sun exposure.

4.    Paint

Most of us want to kick back and relax in summer rather than take on laborious chores. However, if you have more time off work and want to make the most of it with a backyard project, you could consider giving your deck a paint makeover.

Painting your deck provides greater UV protection that sealing it ever could. It is perfect for hiding uneven discolouration and making your deck look refreshed and uniform.

Soft blues and greys could really complement your yard and make the greenery of your garden pop. Not to mention, summer is the perfect time for a paint job with often rainless skies and warm air to help it dry quickly.

Deck Maintenance Tips for the End of Summer

Towards the end of summer, the leaves start to fall and the weather becomes crisper. Families retreat indoors to read their books under a warm blanket rather than outside on the deck. Before long, your deck will be withstanding a lot more rain and a lot less attention.

Before it gets too cold and rainy, it’s a good idea to make sure your deck is prepared for the seasons ahead.

1.    Examine Your Deck

After getting a lot of use over summer, it’s time to examine your deck for wear and tear. Whether it’s more loosened nails, chips, deep scratches from garden furniture or sun damage, it’s important to take stock of your deck’s condition.

5.    The Three Ss

Once you can know the extent of your deck’s damage, it might be time for the three S’s: sanding, staining and sealing. These three maintenance chores don’t have to be done every year. But if it’s been a few years since your deck has received this TLC, it might be time to refresh your deck’s durability.

  • Sand: Prepare for sanding your deck by fixing any loose nails. A belt sander is perfect for sanding large surfaces efficiently. Sanding your deck will give it a polished look for years to come.
  • Stain: Apply the stain evenly across the boards with a bristle brush. This will give your deck a shiny finish, restoring it to its former colour.
  • Seal: While staining your deck improves its durability, a sealant will provide even greater protection. Apply the sealant with a brush to make the wood impervious to rain and the elements over winter.

If you need help restoring your deck to its former glory, the team at Everlast Services are ready and willing to lend their expertise. If, for example, you need to replace rotting boards, let Everlast Services take on the hard work so you can enjoy your summer to the fullest. Get in touch today to find out how we can help!