Ways to Get Your Backyard Ready for Summer

Are you feeling overwhelmed about all the things you need to do to get your backyard ready for summer? We’re here to help! It’s time to pay attention to your overgrown shrubs, dying garden beds or patchy lawn because once the heat really kicks in, it might be too late to revive your yard.

Here are all the key ways to get your backyard ready for summer during the remaining weeks of spring.

1.    Clear Away Dirt and Grime

It’s time to get your garden looking clean and fresh after the mud, grime and dirt that a rainy winter brought. Dig the pressure washer out of the garage and give your backyard a thorough rinse. If you don’t have a pressure washer, you can use your garden hose instead.

Spray down your walkways, pots, deck and steps so that every surface sparkles. Check your flagstones or cracks in concreted areas for any green growths that emerged over the rainy months. Be sure to pluck these out and rinse away the leftover dirt.

2.    Look After Your Garden Beds

If you’re like most people, you probably pay less attention to your garden over winter than you do in summer. This leaves plenty of time for garden beds and planters to become overgrown and full of weeds. Get your garden beds under control by pulling out weeds and any plants that have seen their last day.

Plants and trees that have grown excessively could do with a thorough prune. The best time to prune is in spring when your garden is the most hospitable, making it easiest for the plant to bounce back quickly.

Remember, the bigger the plant, the more moisture it will demand. As we inch towards the drier months, retaining moisture will only become a greater challenge, so pruning is an important way to prepare your garden for summer.

Finally, don’t forget to add a fresh layer of mulch or compost to your garden beds. This will help your plants hold moisture whilst also giving your garden a neat-looking finish.

3.    Gets Pests Under Control

A healthy plant is less susceptible to pests, like aphids, scale or mealy bugs. But after a harsh winter, you may find your plants have picked up a few of these unwanted visitors.

If a pest infestation has become severe, spot spray the plant using petroleum oil based solutions. And where possible, remove diseased leaves to prevent the spread.

4.    Get On Top Of Watering

The months ahead will come with very little rain, which means it’s up to you to keep your garden hydrated and healthy. Many people make the mistake of watering their garden frequently but inadequately. Instead, soak your garden beds and potted plants thoroughly with every watering. This way, they will have plenty of water to sustain them and you can water them less often.

This explains why a drip irrigation system works so effectively, as the water reaches deep into the roots of the plant where it’s needed most. If you want to make sure your garden is well-equipped to handle the summer heat, Everlast Services can install water irrigation systems for you. We specialise in drip systems and sprinkler systems that will keep your garden vibrant and lush even in torrid conditions.

5.    Treat Your Lawns To Some TLC

Whether you like it or not, your lawn is always the centrepiece of your garden. Take advantage of your lawn’s prominence by transforming yellowing grass into luscious, green blades with some extra love and attention.

In the lead up to summer, aerate your lawn to help water and nutrients reach the roots. Plant new lawn seed in any bare patches and follow up with fertiliser to encourage growth.

Your lawn will require 3 to 5cm of water each week over summer. If you water the lawn twice a week – or three times if it has been extremely hot – that will be enough to ensure your lawn has plenty to drink.

6.    No Such Thing as Too Much Colour

Garden furniture, summer annuals or decorative lighting – there are so many ways to bring a bit of life and colour to your garden in summer. It’s the perfect time to shop for some new outdoor furniture! All the extra time you’ll be spending outside will mean a new lounge chair or sun umbrella won’t go unappreciated.

Solar lights are a great investment since they require no electricity and instead collect power from the sun throughout the day. These can be strung along walls or over your deck to offer an inviting ambience on warm nights if you’re entertaining guests outside.

Meanwhile, summer annuals are perfect garden bed fillers that deliver a much-needed pop of colour. These are perfect if you think your garden is too plain and green.

It won’t be long until we’re all spending a lot less time indoors and a lot more time in our backyards. You’ll thank yourself later if you put in the effort now to get your garden looking beautiful. If you need advice on ways to get your backyard ready for summer or assistance, Everlast Services can provide for all your landscaping needs. Get in touch today!