Your Concreting FAQs: Answered

Want your concreting FAQs answered? You’re in the right place!

Concreting is one of the many construction services we provide at Everlast Services. From the excavation to pouring to sealing and clean up, our experienced and capable contractors will take care of everything for you.

We’ve compiled some of our frequently asked questions to help clear up any confusion or concerns you may have about our concreting service.

What is the difference between cement and concrete?

Cement is the hardening ingredient that, along with sand and gravel, combines to create concrete. Concrete is the finished product.

What kind of concrete does Everlast Services offer?

The team at Everlast Services specialises in plain concrete, coloured concrete, exposed aggregate concrete, stamped concrete, stencil concrete and slate concrete.

Coloured concrete is a refreshing and personalised alternative to concrete’s standard grey colour. With Everlast Services on the job, there are countless colours and finishes to choose from to ensure the result is exactly how you envisioned it.

Exposed aggregate concrete is popular for poolside areas as its rough texture prevents slipping when the surface is wet. The speckled appearance of exposed aggregate concrete also makes for a striking aesthetic on a driveway.

Stamped concrete is great for achieving a diverse variety of looks. This type of concrete can be used to replicate stone, slate, brick, tile or even wood. It is perfect for a durable and high-end look whilst still keeping costs down.

Stencil concrete brings endless design possibilities. Brick, bluestone, flagstone, cobblestone, star compass and slate are just some of the appearances we can create. Our experienced contractors are happy to create custom stencil concrete designs to achieve the exact look you’re after too.

Slate concrete combines the beautiful designs and textures of slate with the durability of concrete. This makes it a value-adding investment in the appearance of your home that will last forever. It is perfect for a patio, pergola or luxury driveway.

Is it necessary to seal concrete?

We always recommend sealing concrete as the final part of the installation process. When concrete is sealed it helps protect it from fading due to sun exposure, staining and other damage. It blocks the concrete’s pores helping prevent the absorption of water and mineral salts. Not to mention sealing concrete improves the overall appearance by giving it a glossy and rich finish.

The best time to seal concrete is 30 days after it has been poured. By this stage, the concrete will have reached its intended strength.

How long after concrete is poured will I be able to drive on it?

As per the industry standard, it’s necessary to wait 7 days before parking or driving a car on newly poured concrete. If you have poured a new driveway, this is when you will be able to use it for your personal vehicle.

Refrain from touching the concrete for the first 24 hours. It needs this time to set without any pressure. After 48 hours has passed, the concrete will able to support people walking across it without leaving any imprints. However, other traffic, such as skateboards, bicycles and prams, should be kept off the driveway for longer still.

It takes 30 days for the concrete to develop to its full strength so that a variety of vehicles, including heavier vehicles, can be parked.

What kind of concrete does Everlast Services recommend for driveways?

With 20 years of industry knowledge and experience behind us, the team at Everlast Services highly recommend the following materials for the best quality driveway:

  • Exposed aggregate concrete
  • Stencilled concrete
  • Plain concrete
  • Stamped concrete
  • Pavers

Does Everlast Services also provide raw materials only?

Yes. We not only carry out construction projects, such as concreting and landscaping, but we are also able to sell our materials directly to you.

We take pride in selling the highest quality construction materials that are locally made by Australian companies. When you choose us as your suppliers, you are cutting out the middleman and supporting the local economy at the same time. With 20 years’ experience in the industry, we have developed strong relationships with manufacturers that allow us to pass on incredible deals on construction materials to our customers.

Why should I choose Everlast Services for my concreting needs?

  • Over the 20 years that Everlast Services have been in operation, we have built up a reputation for lasting, quality products and excellent customer service. This reputation is why individuals and businesses around Australia trust the quality of our concreting services and supplies.
  • We offer a wide variety of concreting options, which can be seen in our concreting photo gallery. Our always-helpful contractors are also open to customising your concreting job to ensure the result matches your vision.
  • Not only is Everlast Services wholly Australian owned and operated but so are the manufacturers we source our supplies from. That means every time you choose to work with us, you are supporting the local economy.

If you still have questions about our concreting service, pick up the phone today and get in touch with our friendly and obliging team.