Things you must avoid for creating a pet friendly backyard

When you have pets, your garden becomes a favourite space for them to spend time. Puppies in particular are often curious and like to dig holes, sniff around or pee on the lawn, which can lead to unthinkable consequences if they accidentally dig or ingest toxic substances. For your pet’s safety, in addition to locking the backyard gate, installing a fence of the right height and removing dangerous foreign objects such as nails, you can also consider a dedicated space for your pet, non-toxic plants suitable for your pet, etc. All these arrangements and care are designed to keep the garden looking good and the pets happy and safe.

Pet-friendly spaces

Design pathways in the garden for your pet to explore, such as sand or bark to create a space for your pet to play, or a sandpit or planting that is suitable for your pet to play with, such as willow or manzanita that sways in the wind to provide some entertainment. Avoiding pets destroying the lawn and plants can be avoided by dividing it with a low hedge; or raided beds are a good way to grow plants.

Some dogs will dig holes under the fence to get out, or some can jump high enough to get out and play. If you find that your dog has these characteristics, make sure the fence is designed to be strong and high enough to prevent them from getting out.

Plants suitable for pets

Which plants are suitable for pets? First of all, choose relatively robust ones. As pets will inevitably trample on plants as they play and frolic in the garden, robust perennial plants are suitable, and larger plants are even better.

Suitable plants include shrub rose, centaurea, calendula, honeysuckle, camellia, viburnum and etc.

Plants that are harmful to pets

Small animals often like to sniff and nibble, and it is best to avoid ‘poisonous plants’ in the garden that can be harmful to your pet’s health, such as lilies. All varieties of lilies can be fatal to pets. Other ‘poisonous plants’ include hyacinths, spring crocuses, daffodils, tulips, and iris.

In addition to flowers, eating large amounts of garlic, leeks, fine parsnips and onions can be harmful to pets.

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