Choosing a concrete driveway

Concrete driveways are favoured materials and for good reason. It is durable and requires very little maintenance. Concrete is certainly more expensive than gravel and asphalt driveways, but it costs less than using a paver driveway (brick, cobblestone, or concrete).

Plain concrete has a very monotonous appearance, but it can be coloured and stamped to create a unique and very attractive surface.

Concrete surfaces are often referred to as cement, but this is somewhat misleading. Cement (usually Portland cement) is one component of a composite material called concrete. Other common ingredients are gravel and sand, and with some water, you can create concrete.



Sometimes cleaning your concrete driveway and keeping it sealed is the best step you can take to keep it looking the best. The frequency of cleaning and resealing will depend on the weather conditions the concrete is exposed to and the amount of vehicle traffic it receives. In general, you should reseal your concrete driveway every two years or so, or when the surface starts to wear out.


How long does it last?

Typical concrete driveways remain functional from 25 to 50 years, depending on how they are built and how they have been maintained.

Although concrete is one of the most durable paving materials used for driveway construction, the typical residential driveway is not designed to support heavy vehicles (such as large moving trucks) and large construction equipment. You also need to be careful when ploughing or shovelling your driveway. Avoid using metal blades that could scrape or scratch the surface.


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