Winter Gardening tips

Despite the recent drop in temperatures and the loss of leaves, winter yard care should not be neglected. Winter is a good time to maintain your yard, including repairing and maintaining tools that were used heavily in the spring and summer. Winter work sets the stage for spring growth. Although different regions have their own temperature conditions, some gardening rules remain common wherever you live.

Lawn care for your garden

As the weather gets colder, your lawn will need much less water than it does in the summer. So now is the right time to reduce the amount of water your lawn needs.

Remove stones, dead branches and other debris from the lawn before mowing. In winter greening, low cutting and thinning can effectively remove the dead layer of grass and thus prolong its green period. Also, avoid mowing in rainy weather and when there is dew. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, the same lawn should be cut at the same time to avoid uneven growth the following year.

Garden plant care

Winter-growing plants can be adapted to the needs of the season and can be simply tended. For plants that are not hardy, you can wrap them in grass curtains and film or use new non-woven fabrics to protect them from the cold, the height of the wrap varying with the height of the trunk.

Avoiding pest infestations

Many species of bugs prefer temperatures of around 10 degrees for breeding. Many homeowners fail to take note of these issues, resulting in bugs flying into their homes when the weather warms up in the coming year. Check your lawn for standing water, as standing water is often an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. Also keep an eye out for planters, water pots, flower beds, puddles, and any areas where water can be collected.


“Winterisation” is the last application of fertiliser for the growing season. Only by storing sufficient nutrients can plants withstand the three-month-long winter and ensure an early return to green the following spring.

For weaker plants, some phosphorus and potassium fertilisers should be applied, and additional phosphorus or organic fertilisers can boost the growth of trees and increase their resistance to disease and overwintering ability.

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