Soil Maintenance: Guide for a healthy soil

Soil maintenance with no doubt should be treated with care and love.  Without healthy soil,  it is impossible for plants to thrive and grow healthily.

Like all other living organisms, they need nutrients, water and sunlight to grow.

Which brings us to the next question: How do we maintain it properly?

For those wondering what kind of maintenance is needed, don’t worry! Everlast Services provides these tips and tricks that can help to exponentially improve your garden.

Soil maintenance means-testing

Think of medical health checkup. The soil also has the same procedure. Maintaining soil ph is important because it determines the quality of plants able to thrive and nutrient quality sources.

Methods include pH testing kits which can be brought from different hardware stores easily.

pH tests kits criteria require a sample of soil that can be collected from the soil. In addition,  don’t forget to dry the soil after collecting! It is to make sure water doesn’t affect the levels of alkaline and acidity.

So, how to spot if the soil level is low?

Don’t worry, the indication of the soil pH level is low if the value 7.0 is breached! It means the soil doesn’t contain many macro-nutrients that assist the plant’s growth and nutrient absorption, making it harder to thrive on the soil.

Soil needs additional resources to make it plentiful

Different kinds of resources such as:

  • Mold
  • Mulch
  • Compost

The resources mentioned above are prime conditions for soils. They act as a driving force for plants to grow healthier. Without them, plants will not able to thrive and conserve nutrients easily.

Keep down the weed growth!

There are several methods you can help to improve the soil’s health is to keep your garden weed-free. Weeds can deprive water and nutrients of the soil. This causes soil to dry up quicker. In addition, it will stun the growth of plants. Consequently, we recommend not to use pesticides. This is because it introduces harmful substances and chemical reactions to the soil, which enhances corrosion in the soil, making it succumbed to poisoning.

The quickest way is to pull out the weed manually. Not only will it cause less damage, but it also helps preserve the grasses’ roots.

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