A weed-friendly garden: How to deal guide

A weed-friendly garden is the most comforting thought in a garden lover’s mind, especially during the growing season.

As much you want to keep those weeds out of your territory, in reality, nature always wins. When they win, they win hard.

So, how do we ensure weeds are kept in check most of the year?

We have gathered a few tips that will help you to weed your garden from Everlast Services clients on how to manage weed spread:

A weed-friendly garden needs effective tool management.

Having to depend on labor by using hands to pull out weed is easier but at the same time-consuming. In addition, weeds are likely to grow back due to unpulled roots still lurking underground.

Instead, you want to have those onset tools: claw, shovel and hoe.

Those three anti-weed trinities will certainly put a stop to those deeply planted roots. Using claws can help dig up surface roots easier. Consequently, hoe and shovel do their part by digging deeper roots. Make sure to cover back the soil to its normal base to avoid soil holes.

It chooses 2 elements to grow: Sun and rain.

Like any other plant, weeds need 2 things: water and sun. Depending on which seasons, spring and summer are the prominent ones for growth. Hence, choosing to deal with weeds during winter is an optimal choice. This prepares for spring growth surge, leading to a decrease in summer’s sustainable growth.  In addition, weeds are unlikely to grow much in winter due to the cold temperatures and lack of sunshine hours.

So, pick up your gloves and shovels and start digging up those roots!

Elements like mulch deprive weed growth.

Mulch is the combination of deprived nutrients and pest breeding space. With those 2 elements combined, weeds are less likely to grow due to those circumstances. Having mulch will stop nutrients from reaching towards the weed root, starving them off, thus making removing easier. Likewise, mulch is a good breeding ground for pests to snuggle in. Hence, they are likely to give you a hand by eating the weeds!

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