Using Succulents to Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

Succulents are a fantastic choice when it comes to gardening. They’re hardy plants made to survive tough conditions. They require minimal watering and as such are relatively low maintenance and hassle-free! These beauties come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. Combining a variety of these gorgeous plants will surely liven your home!

1. Spruce up your side border 

An exciting way to utilise the little bit of border you might have by the driveway or in your backyard! With the vast range available, the outcome of your border is limitless. Be an artist and mix a variety of these succulents to create a unique finish for your outdoor living space. Mixing and matching multiple succulents will result in a vibrant and colourful border


2. Pathway 

Adorn your pathway to your doorstep with luscious succulents. Whether you prefer a monotone finish using only one type of succulent or if you’re feeling a bit adventurous and desire planting contrasting coloured succulents mixed with rocks and pebbles, one thing is sure, your pathway will be the highlight of your house!

3, A Wreath of Succulents!

Create a succulent wreath and incorporate all your favourite succulents. The enchanting characteristics of a wreath will capture everyone’s attention and will guarantee a wave of compliments from friends and family. In this arrangement, all complement each other to transform your area. For added flair, you can also use cascading plants to create that waterfall effect.

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