Plant guide: Tips for small gardens

Plant is a gem when it comes to a well-maintained garden. For those who want to have low maintenance and space efficiency, this is the perfect guide on how to leverage your garden!

Plant a tree!

Trees are essential to gardens. They are the shield for gardens and the flair for landscapes.

What needs to be the focus on here is simplicity.  Trees such as birch trees, maple trees are everywhere and easy to maintain. They do not require much except for water and sunlight.

This goes the same for deciduous trees. In addition, you might have to clean once in a while due to foliages!

Maybe, try something like grass?

Ornamental grass is the best choice for lawns.  Why? Because it brings colours and textures to your yard.

Options such as purple fountain grass and silver grass are best due to low maintenance. They don’t require particularly intensive care, hence is suitable for utilizing negative space surrounding other plants. Adding ornamental grass around paved surfaces is a creative way to get the best out of your edging.

Having foliages your garden is colourful

Foliages are good and can be seen beautiful during the autumn season.

Foliages such as Japanese maple and golden ash are very abundant with golden leaves.

These leads add similarly elegant splashes of scarlet vibes to help bring out the best in your backyard.

Those trees are also low maintenance and easy to take care of. Normally in the summer season, they turn green but as fall approaches again, the leaves begin to shed again, reestablishing the cycle.


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