Best fertilizer for your garden

Our lawn constantly needs replenishment of nutrients regardless of the seasons. Different exposures to heat, cold, dry and wet will make or break our plants if they don’t have accessibility to nutrient supplies.

If you do not have a basic understanding of the various types of fertilizer needed for plants, then this is a guide for it! 


There are a few soil components you need to pay attention to to feed them properly. Just like children, they are what they eat! 


So, what kind of fertilizer should you use? Well, the answer is…


Organic fertilizer is the best option.


Plants require a high amount of nutrients to survive and endure the harshest conditions. If you want to fertilize frequently, organic fertilizer is the best way to go. Not only is it healthy, but it also stimulates and breeds healthy bacteria nutrients for your plants to absorb. In addition, it provides secondary and micronutrients for plants. Most people go for chemical fertilizer due to cheap cost and efficiency, which induce a lot of harmful effects: burning your plants faster. Synthetic fertilizers are also water-soluble and easily absorbed, but the effects on the plant’s color are short-term as colors wear off quickly compared to organic fertilizer. 


Here are the different types of organic outlet: 


Plants fertilizer- Basically the quickest and easiest to break down for plants. It is more focused on soil conditioning. They assist in soil retention and enhance smooth drainage for soil with poor conditions. Materials such as molasses, compost suit the pick nicely. 


Animal fertilizer- Animal fertilizer such as dairy (milk), bone meal, and manure meal aids solid, sturdy growth for plants in their early phases. 


Mineral-based fertilizers- Best for raising the PH acid level in the soil and making them healthy. 


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