Why You Should Have a Gazebo in Your Backyard?

Gazebos are freestanding structures with a roof usually built-in gardens. They are an extension of your main house without actually being physically connected to the main building. Not only that, but they can also be viewed as an extension of your garden. They are essentially welcoming spaces whether it be to entertain or to relax. 

Focal Point 

Gazebos will no doubt be the focal point in your garden. This physical structure standing amongst your garden greens and fresh blooms will be a point of contrast in your outdoor space. They are seen as a decorative element They add variety and elegance to a garden which will no doubt garner a lot of attention from guests. This striking feature which almost looks like a little dwelling for magical creatures will be sure to make the garden space appear more magical and ethereal. 

Entertaining space 

During the warmer months, when the sun is shining, the gazebo can be used to spend some time outdoors. Whether it be a picnic for two or as an entertaining space for a group of friends, the gazebo will charm anyone that sets foot in its space. It’s an intricate structure set in an idyllic garden that will be the perfect setting for dinner with friends and family. 

Plant more 

A gazebo is traditionally built in a garden surrounded by luscious greens. That does not mean you cannot add more greens to the actual gazebo. Place hanging planters from the edge of the roof or add flowers that grow on vines to create that romantic fairy-like garden. The colourful flowers that attract vibrant butterflies will make your outdoor space seem like something out of a romantic novel. 

Gazebos are a long term investment that will transform your outdoor space. Be sure to check with your local laws to check whether a permit is required or not to build a gazebo. No matter what you decide, we at Everlast Services will design a gazebo tailored to your needs and personal tastes that you will be able to enjoy for years to come.