Landscaping Ideas If You’re Limited On Space

If you’re worried about not having enough space, don’t be! There are so many gardening ideas nonetheless. Check out our list for some gardening inspiration if you’re short on space.

Landscaping Idea 1: Vertical Garden 

Vertical gardens give you the perfect opportunity to plant multiple different plants without compromising on the limited space you have. If you’re an avid gardener and love your homegrown vegetables, seasonal flowers and succulents, then look no further than the concept of the vertical garden. Building a garden vertically allows you to showcase your creative flair. Ensure that the vertical structure is stable and has a solid foundation because a combination of plants, soil and water will make the structure heavier. Make sure that the spot you choose has a good combination of shade and sunlight too so that your vegetables can grow healthily and happily! 

Landscaping Idea 2: Wall Planters

Wall planters make it seem like the plants are floating or growing right out of your fence. It adds an added depth and dimension to your space. Wall planters. Unique and edgy, they’re a great way to add plants to your small outdoor space. Wall planters can be used to plant herbs, succulents or colourful flowers. They’re great ideas to use when planting low maintenance plants like succulents because they require minimal water and sunlight.

Idea 3: Hanging Planters 

Hanging planters are a fun addition to your garden and will surely gain a lot of compliments from friends and family alike! Due to their unique feature, hanging planters can be used as a focal point as it is likely to capture everyone’s attention. For an added dramatic flair, use cascading plants to create a waterfall-like effect. If a colourful and vibrant landscape is your preference, then plant a combination of seasonal flowers to brighten up your area! 

These ideas add a little creative flair to your garden and ensure that the small space that you do have still looks lush green with plants. But if you’re short on time and would like someone to take care of your landscaping needs, then look no further than Everlast Services. We have experienced landscapers too, that will work with you to create your perfect outdoor living space.