Gazebo Inspiration & Style

Gazebo inspiration is all around us. Different cultures have different elements and designs that can be used as inspiration to design your gazebo. They were first seen in the ancient Egyptian gardens approximately 5000 years ago and since then, have also been featured in different cultural regions since. With so much inspiration around you, there will be no doubt that your garden will be an enjoyable space for years to come!


If your inspiration is more tropical, and wood is the preferred element to construct your gazebo, then look no further than the Balinese gazebos for your source of inspiration. The classic brown look and wooden pillars are a staple if the Balinese gazebo is the result you are aiming for. They add a warm and cosy finish to your garden. Furnish it with timber chairs and an ornate table for the ultimate finish that will garner attention from guests. On the other hand, perhaps your inspiration is a little more zen. If that is the case, you cannot go wrong with a Japanese inspired gazebo. They are simple and minimalistic and in combination with a Japanese inspired garden will make your backyard your favourite space in your house!


Victorian gazebos have always been charming and classic. Traditionally, they are white, quaint and are an ornate free-standing structure amidst lush greenery. That is the traditional image of a Victorian gazebo that many of us know of. A Victorian gazebo will be a sight no one will skip because of its striking and contrasting beauty against a beautifully styled landscape garden with perfectly carved hedges.


Mediterranean gazebos commonly feature ornate columns or arching pillars, these not only provide support but also add a touch of elegance to your backyard space. In addition, the traditional Mediterranean gazebos also include stone floors. Plant citrus trees for that added Mediterranean feel and use mosaic tables for an outdoor space that will take your breath away!

Gazebos are a long term investment that will transform your outdoor space. Be sure to check with your local laws to check whether a permit is required or not to build a gazebo. No matter what you decide, we at Everlast Services will design a gazebo tailored to your needs and personal tastes that you will be able to enjoy for years to come.