DIY Gardening Ideas for Small Urban Spaces

People often think that small gardens, particularly in urban spaces, limit what you can do in terms of garden design. And while it may take some extra creativity and planning, this couldn’t be further from the truth. You’d be surprised how much you can fit into a small space to create a vibrant and lavish space.

Here are some gardening ideas for small urban spaces to transform even the smallest balcony into a garden paradise.

Think Vertically

While you may not have a tonne of square footage space to spare, thinking vertically and stacking your space can create a whole new dimension of otherwise neglected and empty space.

You can do this by having hanging pots, installing shelves where you can place planters or having vines and ivy climbing up your walls. You can also maximise vertical space by placing taller potted plants at the back of a space and smaller ones towards the front. All of these techniques create interest in a space while not overcrowding or encroaching into much-needed living space.

Place Some Planters Under the Window

Placing planters under a window not only maximises space and adds extra dimension, it can also be super handy. If you fill your planter with herbs, you’ll be able to pick them just by opening the window! Planters in general are a simple but effective way to add interest into your urban garden.

Versatility in Potting

Don’t think that not having a lawn should limit your gardening intentions. Pots are a great way of planting practically anything, from tall bush trees to delicate flowering plants and herbs.

Using a variety of pots in different shapes, sizes and colours also adds interest and flair to any garden.

Consider Your Living Space

While the greenery of your garden is obviously important, you should also make sure that you have a space to be able to appreciate the beauty you create. For example, adding lighting can have practical benefits in that you can utilise the space at any time for your own leisure or entertainment purposes. It can also add ambience and an inviting look to your outdoor area.

Adding low walls can also have practical and aesthetic benefits. If you are pressed for space it can double as seating for when you have guests around and can also create more space for your garden to flourish. You can even add cushions for comfort.

If you are dealing with a narrow or long space, try placing your furniture at the end of your garden to create an illusion of more space. You can also create the impression of a larger space by partially obscuring your furniture with a strategically placed bush or shrub, which makes the mind think there is something more to see.

Experiment with Media and Texture

By utilising different media and materials you can create a unique and interesting urban garden space.

If the upkeep of having too many plants worries you, use decking, patio pavers and decorative stones or chippings to create a contemporary look without completely taking away from the greenery of the space. By pairing this with some climbing plants on your walls and fences, a few hedges or other easy to look after plants, you won’t have to worry about maintaining the space too much for it to look brilliant.

Choose the Right Plants

Make sure you take into consideration your own gardening skills as well as the space when choosing plants for your urban garden. If the space only gets minimal sunlight, make sure to choose plants which will be able to survive (such as ferns, garden hydrangeas and begonias).

Similarly, if your garden gets a lot of sunlight, you don’t want your plants to burn. Lavender, butterfly weed, yarrow and Shasta daisies all thrive in the sunlight. Getting a lot of sun can also be the perfect reason to start your own veggie patch, which needs about six to eight hours of sunlight a day to thrive.

Need Help?

If you find the idea of trying to transform your tiny urban garden into a rich and luscious space sound overwhelming to you, or if you need help implementing your grand ideas, the team at Everlast Services are more than happy to help. We have plenty of gardening ideas for small urban spaces to go around.

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