Decking Design Ideas for the Perfect Outdoor Space

If you’re looking for decking design ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

A beautiful deck can do wonders to your front or backyard. It provides you with a place to relax with friends and family. A deck allows you to truly enjoy your front or back yard. But coming up with the perfect decking design can be overwhelming. There are just so many possibilities out there.

Here are some of Everlast Service’s favourite decking design ideas.

Deck Designs

Incorporate Nature

If you have a tree standing in the way of where you want your deck to be, you don’t necessarily have to get rid of it. Your deck can be designed around it and that tree can make your deck extremely unique and beautiful while also providing natural shade.

Built-In Benches

If you’re planning on using your deck as an entertainment pace, you can have benches built into your deck, providing functionality as well as an extra layer of dimension. Similarly, planter boxes can also be built into your deck to add some greenery or even create a privacy screen in front of a window.

Add Some Levels

When it comes to multi-levelled decks, the possibilities are practically endless. Whether you live on a slope and are trying to maximise space or are creating an expansive and intricate design, a multi-levelled deck allows your deck to be used for multiple functions at the same time.

Step It Up

Give your yard a sense of continuity and flow by adding steps leading from your garden to your deck. When entertaining, this allows guests extra space to spill out onto and can even double in functionality by providing extra seating.

Decking Materials

The type of timber you choose for your decking can completely change the whole design and vibe. We provide a variety of decking timbers and materials to suit different styles and maintenance needs.

Merbau Decking

Merbau decking is known for its natural oils, which means that it is extremely durable and able to withstand harsh climates and temperatures. With colours ranging from yellow to brown and a unique grain pattern, merbau is a pliable and easy to work with material, making it an Everlast favourite.

Treated Pine Decking

Cost-effective and sustainable, treated pine decking is an Australian favourite for numerous reasons. Its iconic light hues and contrasting grain complements almost any home. Plus, treated pine is also immune to pretty much all rot and decay.

Blackbutt Decking

Blackbutt decking is strong and durable, with an even colour, grain and texture. Generally a pale golden brown, blackbutt is an extremely dense wood, making it naturally resistant to termites. Once you have oiled and polished blackbutt, it is bound to last for years and years.

Cumaru Decking

Cumaru is a stunning hardwood, known for its rich dark brown hues that can even take on hints of red and purple. Naturally resistant to tor, cumaru decking is perfect for all extreme climate conditions. While a bit trickier to work with, the results of a cumaru deck won’t disappoint.

Spotted Gum Decking

Spotted gum is extremely popular due to its design versatility, coming in a wide array of colours from light golden brown, to deep chocolate browns. Its extreme durability means that, when well looked after, a spotted gum deck can last for over 40 years, making it a solid investment.

Jarrah Decking

Jarrah is a beautiful timber, available in a range of colours from light pinks to deep reds that will evolve and enrich over time. As an extremely dense hardwood, Jarrah is extremely durable. It can withstand extreme weather conditions, is fire resistant, and can withstand as well as rot, fungi and termites.

Composite Decking

For a sustainable, long-lasting design option, composite decking checks all the boxes. Composite decking is made of recycled plastic and wood grain. This means that it barely requires any maintenance and is resistant to mildew, rot and termites. What’s more, the uniformity and design flexibility of composite decking is unparalleled.

Need Help with Your Decking Design Ideas?

If you’re still unsure what decking design would best suit your home, Everlast can help. Our years of experience mean that we can visualise the perfect decking design for any backyard to enhance it and enable you to enjoy it as much as possible.

Alternatively, if you know exactly what decking design you want, we can help to make your visions a reality. Our expertise and craftsmanship mean that we can build you a deck with the finest quality materials that will last forever.

Take the first step to making your decking design dreams a reality by giving us a call today. We can even provide you with a free measure and quote.