Low maintenance plants – beginner guide

Summer has arrived, a beautiful garden can extend your activity space, make you closer to nature and enjoy the sunshine. Expect to spend more time enjoying the garden and reduce maintenance time? Struggle to keep your plants vivid and alive? There are some low maintenance plants you must know.


  • Australian native plants

Australian native plants have evolved and adapted to our extreme climatic conditions, that could survive droughts and floods, heavy sunshine and complete shade, and different soil conditions from nutritious to brutal. Therefore, they are ideal for time-limited gardeners, even if you sometimes ignore your plants, they will survive and thrive. For instances,

  • Correa alba: a small shrub that grows to around 1.5 metres in height and breadth. This is one of the hardiest Australian native plants, growing well in drained soils in both full sun and semi-shade. It is extremely resistant to salt spray and can withstand frosts and long drought.
  • Woolly grevillea (Grevillea lanigera): it can grow to 30 centimetres high and 1.5 meters wide. Grevillea lanigera enjoys sunshine or semi-shaded conditions and can endure lengthy periods of drought. Watering in the summertime is not often required, as well as fertiliser. Light pruning on a regular basis can improve its shape and density.
  • Hardenbergia violacea(Happy Wanderer): likely to attract butterflies or birds, and will thrive in light to medium shade, as well as in the full sun. It has dark green foliage and purple blooms.


  • Mulch

Mulch is a protective layer that can save a great time for gardeners. It can be laid on top of the soil and/or covered around plants (like a carpet). If using mulch properly, its covering can help to reduce soil erosion, maintains moisture, prevent weeds from growing, and keep soil temperature, and therefore make your plants in your garden healthier.

There are organic and inorganic mulches, it is worth considering organic mulches such as Myoporum parvifolium, straw, pine needles, Brachyscome, chopped leaves and etc, while there are also inorganic mulches like plastics, stones, landscape fabrics and etc.


  • Succulents and cacti

Cacti and succulents are low-maintenance plants that are suitable for both experienced and novice gardeners. These hardy plants can withstand the low humidity and they are usually drought-tolerant plants with thick leaves that can store water.

You can choose Crassula campfire, Echeveria species, while Beginners can choose Sedum and sempervivum. Bright light is essential for successfully growing cacti and succulents but there are also succulents that require less sunshine like Cotyledon orbiculate, Aloe maculate that you can grow them under a tree.

Enjoy your garden!

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