Build a Deck: enjoy your summer time

Building a deck in Australia is very popular, and it is also one of the traditions. Drinking coffee/tea, reading books, or meeting and chatting with friends and family on the deck are all good ways to relax the mind and enjoy the natural and pleasure time. It is a part of the landscape of the backyard, which can expand the living space of a house, or it can also be a beautiful courtyard, rest area and playground for your kids. It is worth mentioning that it can also add value to your house.


Build a deck at the entrance

If you don’t make good use of entrance space, this place is basically wasted. Now, using the deck to make a platform and putting some seats to make a leisure space can also make this space look more layered and prevent dust from entering the room.

Besides, further design can also create more storage space here. Under the wooden board of the deck, you can create different styles of storage space according to your needs. Therefore, when the wooden board is lifted, you can put and find various stuff there.


Build a Floating Deck in your backyards

The floating deck is also known as the freestanding deck that is built such like it is “float” on the ground and is not attached to your house. The truth is the deck is supported by concrete blocks underneath and you cannot see them, which gives the deck the appearance of “floating”. It is ideal to use a floating deck to cover up the “ugly” area or as you like.

You can choose not to install a handrail or stairs if the walking surface of the deck is no more than 40 centimetres from the ground. However, it is best and safe to maintain the height of the floating deck as low as possible.


Have a multi-level deck in your backyards

As the name suggested, a multi-level deck consists of multi-layers at different heights, that different layers are connected by stairs generally. Such kind of deck may take use of sloping land to create a special feature in your backyard.

Generally, different activities could be carried out at different deck levels. For example, you can have BBQ in the upper layer and an entertaining area in the lower level.

Having the deck ready in your backyard can always boost your pleasing time and property values.

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