Gardening tips for your beautiful garden – fertilization

A flowery garden not only makes people want to take pictures but also think that the owner must be a handy person who knows how to live and has artistic taste.

Importantly, those who already have gardens or certain plants normally have fertilizer products to take care of them.

So, if you are considering planting your own garden, it is recommended that you should learn more about fertilization.

The main elements in fertilizer

There are three main chemical elements in fertilizer, which are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. If the fertilizer contains approximately the same proportion of these 3 elements, the plants in your flower garden will grow in a balanced manner.

If the fertilizer contains a higher percentage of nitrogen, it will promote the growth of branches and leaves. If it contains a high percentage of phosphorus, it will promote the growth of roots, and if the percentage of potassium is the highest, it will promote the growth and metabolism of fruits and flowers.

A small garden prepared with enough of these three elements can solve most problems.

Trace elements

When plants have some conditions, they may be deficient in trace elements, including iron, boron, copper, manganese, zinc.

For example, Symptoms of iron deficiency in plants occur in the leaves, where new leaves turn yellow and then white, while the plant stops growing. Besides, when plants are deficient in magnesium, the prominent manifestation is a decrease in chlorophyll content, a decrease in photosynthesis, and a loss of greenness. Magnesium deficiency symptoms often manifest first on older leaves and gradually progress to new leaves if not replenished.

Timing of fertilization

If you see plants with their first new leaves, it’s time to replenish your garden with nutrients. In the spring and autumn growing seasons, fertilize regularly. In the summer, the heat is a burden on the plants and less fertilizer is needed. In winter, plants are dormant and also need less fertilizer.

Be aware that fertilizing diseased or lifeless plants requires caution.

Fertilizer dosage

Read the instructions, prefer less to more. Observation can be made two or three days after fertilizer application.

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