3 Cool Additions to Transform your Backyard into a Fairy Garden

Gone are the days of boring gardens! If you’re ready to transform your garden with a couple of little touches, then look no further than our tips on how to create a magical fairy garden that we are sure will attract many of these fairytale creatures and their friends alike. Who knows, you might just find your friendly garden gnome one morning!

1. Statues For Backyard Transformation

Statues are a classic. Tall or short, small or big. These grey features will no doubt be an elegant addition to your garden. Their monotone look against the colourful backdrop of flowers and luscious green bushes will make your garden look like a slice of paradise. These decorative ornaments will stand the test of time. Statues can be in the form of little fairies or gnomes that add a little magical charm or perhaps a fearsome gargoyle. Regardless of your preference, they will be sure to add an interesting touch to your garden.


2. BirdBaths For Backyard Transformation

Birdbaths are a great way to transform your garden. They add another layer of dimension and height to your outdoor living space and they also come in unique shapes and designs. Mix and match flowers in the baths to add a splash of colour or keep it monotone with one colour palette. Either way, birdbaths will be a strong focal point in your garden! Having a raised garden is also a great way to add cascading plants that can drape over like a waterfall.


3. Bird Cage Hanging Planter

birdcage planter will add a whimsical touch to your outdoor space. The vintage look of these planters adds a gorgeous contrast to the lush greenery it holds making it a fantastic piece of decoration. You can add real plants or if you’d like, you can also use faux plants for convenience and ease of maintenance. Just make sure that the bird cage is clean and rust-free. In addition, reinforce the planter for added security as it will become heavy with the addition of plants, soil and water.



These tips will be sure to transform your outdoor living space. Changing the landscape of your garden is no doubt a fun DIY project albeit a little time-consuming. If you’re looking for experienced landscapers to create that whimsical garden, then look no further than Everlast Services!

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