Designing Your Perfect Courtyard

Courtyards can be made to look like a slice of heaven right outside your doorstep. Make it heavenly with luscious flowers or minimalist, regardless of your styling preference, courtyards are a beneficial addition to your living space. They’re great in summer when the sun is shining bright and you use it as an entertaining space. Or, make the most of it in spring when fresh colourful blooms emerge. For ideas on how to create that beautiful space, check out our tips below or save yourself the time and effort, and contact us instead! Below are 3 tips for courtyard design.

1. Cultural Inspiration For Courtyard Design

Are you more inclined towards a Moroccan courtyard where tiles are perfectly aligned to create intricate geometric patterns complemented by stunning greens and a central water feature that all merge together to create the perfect outdoor space? Or perhaps your inspiration is slightly more minimalistic and you prefer a Japanese styled courtyard that takes its inspiration from the natural elements that exist around us. Key elements in a Japanese courtyard are plants, water and rocks and when used together, they create a tranquil living space you will never want to leave.

cultural courtyard

2. Type of Plants

The type of plants that you use can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the size of your courtyard, the amount of sunlight that it receives and how enclosed space may be. It is vital that you are aware of these factors before selecting your plants. The key to successful planting is to make sure you pick the right plant and the right spot. Different areas of the courtyard tend to receive different amounts of sunlight so in order to maximise the space, use a combination of plants when decorating.

courtyard plants

3. Decorative Pieces For Courtyard Design

Spice up your courtyard with some statement pieces. Add an intricate mosaic table that will stand out amongst the luscious green. Or perhaps add a mirror. Mirrors can add depth to your space and make the area look more spacious. Add statues to liven the area. A grey cement masterpiece that stands out amongst the bushes or a little garden gnome to add a tiny bit of magic and wanderlust to your area can make all the difference when decorating your courtyard.

courtyard decoratives


These tips when used in combination or independently will be sure to transform your living space. Designing your courtyard can be fun and rewarding but also time-consuming. If you’re looking for experienced landscapers to design a courtyard tailored to your needs, then look no further than Everlast Services.

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