Preparing Your Garden For Winter

Winter is Coming! As seasons change, gardening needs change too! Check out some of our winter gardening tips below to ensure you have a healthy garden ready for the upcoming cold months!

Winter Gardening Tip No.1: Protecting the Soil 

The bitter cold, that is the winter season isn’t necessarily good for your garden beds. Using mulch to cover up the soil in time for winter does wonders for the health of your plants in the long run. Protecting your soil reduces water loss, prevents precious garden soil from eroding and also prevents weed development. In addition, mulch protects your garden bed and roots from the frost by providing a layer of insulation. Having a layer of mulch on your garden bed also ensures that your harvest is prolonged.

winter garden mulch

Winter Gardening Tip No.2: Get rid of Weeds 

No one is ever a fan of weeds. Removing these invasive greens not only makes your garden patch look better, it also prevents these weeds from growing all over again in the upcoming months. Be sure to get ahead and remove weeds before they mature. Always remember to remove the weeds from the roots in order to prevent re-growth! It is also easier if weeds are removed when they’re small and not when they’ve grown and have established themselves in garden beds. 


Winter Gardening Tip No.3: Remove dying plants 

Remove rotting and dying plants to maintain the health of your garden. Plants that are rotting not only look unpleasant but when these plants are left alone to rot, they can cause a multitude of problems in the long run. Dead plants can carry diseases and pests which can eat through your fresh crop. It’s negative effects can impact the growth of new plants in the next season. 

winter garden rotting plants

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