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Customizing fence: The fun guide

Customizing fences can be a pain in the head and costly sometimes, but often, it brings wonderful colors to your own backyard, making it enjoyable during the summer times. So, before going any further, there are few questions about how to customize the fence and what to look out for. Everlast Services has nailed down

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Security gates

Security gates: maintaining safety

Have you ever wondered about what happens after you install security gates? Well, the next thing you should do is be careful with maintaining them! Yes, careful! Remember, just because you have them installed in place doesn’t mean it is safe-proof. Just as it keeps your family away from trespassers and danger, you should also

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Pointed Metal Fence

Purpose of a Fence

Adding a fence will not only add a layer of protection to your home but can also add an attractive element to your property. Installing a fence is a long term investment, therefore it is important to make sure that the choice made is durable and can stand the test of time! Still on the

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How To Build A Fence From Scratch

Step 1 Planning Materials Posts 100 x 100mm x 1.8m H4 treated rough sawn Palings 150 x 19 H3.2 treated rough sawn OR 150 x 25 H3.2 Rails 75 x 50mm x 4.8m H3.2 treated rough sawn OR 100 x 50mm x 4.8m H3.2 treated Concrete (either builders mix and cement at a ratio of

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fencing questions answered

All Your Fencing Questions Answered

Do you have fencing questions that you need answered? We’ve got you covered! The team at Everlast Services has decades of experience in building high-quality, affordable and long-lasting fences of all shapes and sizes. The reputation we have built over the years is a testament to our workmanship and commitment to consistently first-rate results. Here

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how to choose the right fence colour

How to Choose the Right Fence Colour for Your Property

Knowing how to choose the right fence colour for your property can be an overwhelming decision at first. With so many colours to choose from on the market and it can be hard to know which is the best fence paint colour for your space. Well, rest assured because we’ve compiled this handy guide full

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building a fence

Building A Fence: Tips for Beginners

When it comes to investing in your home, few installations and renovations will get attract as much attention and as many compliments as a new fence. Whether it be the neighbours, guests or your family, everyone will appreciate the transformative effect your new fence has on your home. If you’re trying to decide whether or

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how does an automatic gate work

How Does an Automatic Gate Work?

Have you been caught in the rain opening your driveway gate one too many times? Or has the effort of manually opening your gate sometimes felt insurmountable when coming home from a tiring day? Whether you’re thinking about installing an automatic gate on your property or you want to better understand the automatic gate you

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how to update an old fence

How To Update An Old Fence

Looking for tips on how to update an old fence? You’re in the right place! Fences are essential for making your garden feel like an oasis from the outside world and for maintaining privacy from neighbours’ prying eyes. However, if your fence is old, weathered or even breaking apart in places, then it can be

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Fencing Ideas to Block Out Your Neighbours

Fencing Ideas to Block Out Your Neighbours

Whether you have loud neighbours or high-rise apartments nearby, our fencing ideas will block out your neighbours for extra security and privacy. Fencing is an essential part of any property or family home. But as the population grows and people live closer and more densely, a fence can be crucial. Have you ever put much

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