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The importance of fences

Few people decide to live in a private home without a fence. There is no denying the need for a fence, here are some important reasons for having fences. Marking of Property Your land and house are your own property, and it is essential to mark your property to prevent others from encroaching on it.

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Why should you have pool fencing?

Do you want to know why you should use pool fencing? Then read on! The swimming pool can bring joy to you, your family and your friends, but it is more important to consider safety. Safety consideration For most parents, swimming is a very beneficial exercise, which can not only cultivate their children’s skills but

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Have a good fencing experience – beginner guide

Before you and your guests see your lobby, living room, or kitchen, the first thing you notice is the fence. Fences are no longer just to ensure the boundaries of space and signs. Fences are now widely used as borders to outline your garden, highlight your landscape design, or serve as the focus of your

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Cracking Concrete? Here is the Solution

With summer upon us, you may be concerned with your concrete’s ability to make it through the season without cracking. Concrete is one of the most durable materials we have at our disposal, which is why it is the material of choice for so many driveways, patios, footpaths and even interior floors. So, how can

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Types of Glass Fence

Types of Glass Fences Frameless Glass Homeowners choose frameless pool fences because of their elegance and delicacy. They create a contemporary effect that you won’t even notice is there. This is due to a lack of framing on their part. These fences are made of glass panels without a frame, as you would have inferred

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Glass Pool Fencing Guide

Glass Pool Fencing Guide The only glass pool fencing guide you need pt.1: Are you thinking about installing a pool on your property? Many families rely on pools to beat the heat on those hot, humid days when the air conditioner just isn’t cutting it. What’s more difficult is deciding on the ideal glass barrier

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Customizing fence: The fun guide

Customizing fences can be a pain in the head and costly sometimes, but often, it brings wonderful colors to your own backyard, making it enjoyable during the summer times. So, before going any further, there are few questions about how to customize the fence and what to look out for. Everlast Services has nailed down

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Security gates

Security gates: maintaining safety

Have you ever wondered about what happens after you install security gates? Well, the next thing you should do is be careful with maintaining them! Yes, careful! Remember, just because you have them installed in place doesn’t mean it is safe-proof. Just as it keeps your family away from trespassers and danger, you should also

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Pointed Metal Fence

Purpose of a Fence

Adding a fence will not only add a layer of protection to your home but can also add an attractive element to your property. Installing a fence is a long term investment, therefore it is important to make sure that the choice made is durable and can stand the test of time! Still on the

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How To Build A Fence From Scratch

Step 1 Planning Materials Posts 100 x 100mm x 1.8m H4 treated rough sawn Palings 150 x 19 H3.2 treated rough sawn OR 150 x 25 H3.2 Rails 75 x 50mm x 4.8m H3.2 treated rough sawn OR 100 x 50mm x 4.8m H3.2 treated Concrete (either builders mix and cement at a ratio of

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