How To Make Your Wood Fence More Secure

The fence on your property is a valuable addition. It can not only improve curb appeal and property value, but provide essential service, from keeping kids and pets in to keep away from intruders and thrives. Plus, wood is still the most popular fencing material, but you may concern it isn’t secure enough. Read on for a few tips to make yours even more secure.

Make your fence taller

The taller the fence, the more secure it is. Most fences are 4 feet to 6 feet tall. A privacy fence is likely to be 6 feet tall or higher. You may need to check your city’s regulations regarding how tall fences can be, and it’s possible that you will need a permit for a fence that is higher than average. Every foot will make your fence more difficult to scale.

Add Anti-Climbing Features

Using anti-climb features is another effective way to make your fence more secure. And there are some things you can do, such as planting aggressive thorny plants, install anti-climb spikes. Of course, unsightly barbed wires are too much. Just plant thorny plants to along the outside of your fence can dissuade anyone from trying to climb up into your yard and make your yard much more stylish. Likewise, you can install anti-climb spikes on the top of the fence. And anti-climb paint is a good choice as well.

Face the Rough Side In
The rough side of the fence is easier to scale for it has all the posts and brackets. So face that in. After all, keeping danger out is vital for some owners. On the bright side, the outside of your fence will look nicer.

Add camera and flood lights

Finally, installing a camera on top of a fence and a flood light can show that your property is protected by available measures.

If you have any need to secure your fence, feel free to contact us Everlast Service. We are always more than happy to provide detailed information and samples and discuss how we can best meet your needs.

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