The No Holes Pool Fence

It is a great way to have a pool to relax and keep cool. But it is also a must to have safety protocols in place because accidents can and do happen. One of the useful ways to keep safe is with a pool safety fence. Today, we will talk about one of the most popular ones, the No Holes Pool Fence. Here are pros and cons you can consider before you actually decide to buy.

Pros of the No Holes Pool Fence

Durable: No Holes Pool fence is durable and last for many years. Pool fences that have to stay up during bad weather are quickly worn down and susceptible to rust and corrosion. With a no-homes fence, you can take the fence down during off-seasons to prolong its lifespan.

Flexibility: One of the most important benefits of having a no-holes fence is to prevent accidents. You can easily get it down when the kids get older and you no longer need the fence or when you are renting a property where the landlord does not want a fence. A temporary no-holes fence allows you to assemble the fence as needed.

Secure and stable deck: Because no holes need to be drilled in the ground for installation, your deck will stay secure and stable.

Cost: With a no-holes fence, you can assemble the fence yourself. No need to bring in a team for installation, so you can save money with the simple installation of this fencing.

Cons of the No Holes Pool Fence

Storage space: The fence does take up space so you will need ample storage whenever it is not in use.

Obstructive pool view: This fence can obstruct the view of the pool which many consider to be an eye-sore.

Cumbersome and time-consuming: You can assemble and install a no-holes fence without a team of help, but it is more time-consuming and cumbersome. If you can get a few friends to help, it makes it a little easier.

Code Adherence: Most cities have codes for pools and fencing, and because the no-holes fence is temporary it may not adhere to these codes. Check with local officials before you buy.

If you’re interested in fencing but aren’t sure what to do, be sure to contact us Everlast Services. We are always more than happy to visit your home, provide detailed information and samples, and discuss how we can best meet your needs.