Things about Frameless Glass Pool Fences

For most swimming pool owners, safety is the most important. While for others, adding beauty and value may be the top factors. Actually, the frameless glass pool fencing can meet all the needs to achieve a stylish pool look and provide security of swimmers.

What is Frameless Glass Fencing?

Generally speaking, the frameless glass fencing is made of a series of seamless panels without any visible joints, which is different from the traditional glass panes. The glass is high quality, and it is attached to the ground through steel hinges that are stainless steel at the bottom.

Why Choose Frameless Glass Fencing?

The most significant reason is it can ensure safety and security.

First, it makes it easy to keep an eye on the kids. With the unobstructed view of the pool area, you can what they’re up to at all times through the window. Besides, it’s very difficult to climb over.

The flat frameless glass pool fencing is an impenetrable barrier to even the most determined young climber.

It has a stylish look and makes your yard look bigger.

The modern, minimalist look will not only improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your outdoor entertainment area but will increase your home’s market value as well. What’s more, glass reflects light in surrounding areas, which means it can make your outdoor entertainment area seem larger.

It’s a good investment.

Although it is more expensive than the more traditional metal pool fencing, it will soon pay for itself. It can last for a long time instead of rusting and requiring repainting. You won’t have to pay repair and replacement costs.

How Strong are Frameless Glass Fences?

Brief speaking, don’t worry at all. These panels may look delicate, but actually they are quite strong. Meanwhile, they are well supported on the ground by equally strong stainless steel hinges, spigots, bolts.

Is it Hard to Maintain? 

No, cleaning periodically is OK. What you need are a regular liquid soap and some water. Remember: use a sponge to apply the soapy water instead of any rough scrubbers! Then, just rinse off the soap with a garden hose. Let the air to dry it off.

Let, the seamless, transparent glass enhances the aesthetic quality of your beautiful pool!