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Choose deck to add value to your house

A deck is considered to be a flat surface, similar to a floor, that supports weight. However, decking is often focused on the outdoors and is favoured because it is often linked to the building and can be constructed from any wood such as composite timber, redwood or reclaimed timber. If you want to add

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Deck maintenance guide

Outdoor kitchens and utility decks are a popular part of Australian backyards, and everyone is keen to use the outdoor facilities for relaxing, dining and entertaining. Enjoyable deck life also requires regular maintenance and care of the deck to extend its life. Take time to carefully check all places for decay. Unfortunately, most wood rot

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Build a Deck: enjoy your summer time

Building a deck in Australia is very popular, and it is also one of the traditions. Drinking coffee/tea, reading books, or meeting and chatting with friends and family on the deck are all good ways to relax the mind and enjoy the natural and pleasure time. It is a part of the landscape of the

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What is Composite Decking?

What is composite decking? This is perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions at Everlast Services. If you’re like many homeowners who want a timber-look deck but don’t want to deal with the headache of upkeep, composite decking could be the solution. This innovation is made out of a variety of materials — part

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Choosing a suitable deck material for your balcony view

Balcony, the essence of a beautiful home landscape and a leisure spot for lifestyle enjoyment. It is an exciting journey to provide the best comfortable spot for your own space. Since they are widely sought these days, If you feel lost about which wood material is best for your housing home, refer to the guide

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decking handrail ideas

Decking Handrail Ideas

After the top decking handrail ideas? You’re in the right place! An Australian summer isn’t complete without evenings spent lapping up the sunshine surrounded by friends and family on your deck. If you’re fortunate enough to have an elevated deck, then you may not even have realised the design potential that lies in your handrails.

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how to get your backyard christmas party ready

How To Get Your Backyard Christmas Party Ready

The year is quickly coming to an end, which means the outdoor entertaining season is beginning! It’s time to start planning how to get your backyard Christmas party ready for the dinner parties and barbecues ahead. A white Christmas with snow and warm fireplaces has a romantic air to it. However, nothing beats a true

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spring deck maintenance tips

Spring Deck Maintenance Tips & Tricks

In winter, it feels counterproductive to clean up and repair your deck when the cold, the rain and the wind might undo all your hard work within a matter of weeks. That’s why spring is the perfect season for attending to winter’s damage and restoring your deck to its former charm. Not to mention, the

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