Guide to maintain your wooden deck

The deck is an important element of outdoor living enjoyment and lazing around during a sunny afternoon. However, decks are prone to harsh weather conditions such as hail, rain, and snow which affect the quality, making it uncomfortable to leisure.

So how do we prevent those hazards from degrading our deck too much? 

Decks are made out of wood materials, therefore maintaining them requires a little more effort to keep them polished and clean. By minimizing the risk before harsh weather conditions sets in, it helps to reduce the damage.

Sometimes, it is unpredictable with extreme weather.

Have a few moments to read on what to do when it comes to protecting and cleaning your deck!

Check your surroundings… Especially items on the deck 

You can always choose to reduce the risk impact around your surroundings. Items on your deck pose a hazard when it comes to storm conditions, no matter how light or heavy they are. It is wise to remove all items such as trampolines and chairs. 

For heavy items, make sure to tie them down with strings or cover them with sheets to prevent any damage that may break the wood tiles. Having eroded wood tiles may lead to a collapse due to the unsupported weight of heavy items.


Rinse and scrub dirt/debris away from the deck 

Using your hose, raise it to a slightly higher pressure to ensure there’s enough power to wash off the debris. Make sure that the pressure is adjusted correctly to prevent wood creaking and split wood.


Inspect your wood every year….. after a storm season 

Any factors such as erosion, moisture, dryness can cause a shorter life span for wood tiles balcony. Make sure to look for any faults and call up a professional handyman to keep your wood tiles polished and sturdy!

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