Automatic irrigation system – a strong boost in your garden

Knowing how much water to provide and when to provide it is critical to achieving a balance between low water use and maintaining a healthy, resilient landscape. And you need to make sure you choose the method that works best and saves you the most money for your property. Just as we all have washing machines in our homes, an automatic irrigation system in your backyard will be a great help to you, especially when your garden is huge, the weather is terrible or there are many mosquitoes in the garden.

What is an automatic irrigation system?

An irrigation system consists of a series of pipes and water distribution equipment located on or buried under the ground surface that is connected to a water supply system and operated by an automatic controller.

Automatic irrigation includes surface sprinkler irrigation, which uses sprinkler heads and cylinder sprinklers on grass, and drip irrigation, which irrigates the plant root zone through a network of small pipes. The latter irrigates the plant root zone through a network of small pipes.

However, if improperly installed and maintained, this method may be less efficient in terms of water use and more costly to operate. Since we need to pay for all the water in our homes (including outdoor water), house owners should ensure that any systems they use are properly maintained throughout the year.

Why use an irrigation system?

The reason is simple, for efficient irrigation.

1. Eliminate over-watering: Look for signs that your lawn is being over-watered: standing water, soft, mushy soil, mushrooms, musty smelling lawn. An irrigation system can thoroughly saturate the root zone and then allow the soil to dry completely. This will ensure deeper roots and a healthier lawn that is more tolerant of dry weather.

2. Adjust your irrigation schedule to the weather and season: During cooler periods (usually spring and fall), it can help you to reduce the frequency of watering and allow the soil to dry completely between waterings.

3. Irrigation time: water early in the morning between 3 am and 7 am. This will reduce the amount of water evaporated by the heat and wind during the day.  Using an irrigation system will prevent you from having to get up early to water.

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