Garden irrigation systems: the beginner guide

Garden irrigation systems are one of the most important landscape watering foundations for areas with large vegetation and plantations.

Did you know, irrigation systems help to preserve costs for water usage. Despite the costs being spent on installing the systems, studies show that 30-50% of water usage is being saved with water irrigation systems!

If you think about it, short-term investment= long-term investment returns! 

So, for those who are new to irrigation systems, you will want to get a starter kit.

A starter kit irrigation system includes an automation system and an installed battery timer to make things simpler. Doesn’t it sound good? 

If you ever feel lost, don’t worry! Everlast Services has simplified 2 main irrigation kits for those trying to implement them onto their garden landscapes.


Garden irrigation systems 

Those are made for garden beds and are suited for small vegetation patches. Garden irrigation systems are very versatile due to their thin pipelining, making it easier to fit and implant on the soil surface evenly. In addition, it’s low cost due to its low water pressure, making water distribution more viable and productive.

For those wanting a low-maintenance budget garden irrigation system, this is it!


Drip-tape irrigations 

These garden irrigation systems are made for raised bed gardens, particularly those in need of a tune-up. Consequently, it is easy to install and mostly maintenance-free, which comes along with seed propagation, foliage watering, and cooling productivity.

Drip-tape irrigation also has anti-drip devices that secure the pipe tightly to prevent water from leaking out that can cause extra water usage.

If you guys worry about auto-settings, forget about it.

Automation time is definitely right in your alley. In addition, the water automation feature will help save more water! 

Lastly, this kind of garden irrigation system is expandable and adaptable. It can be used on your patio and outside your house, whenever requires.

Hence, this is why drip-tape irrigations will be sought with a higher budget in exchange for long-term investments. 


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