Artificial lawn or turf: Q&A guide

Artificial lawn or turf? Which one? Which one of those is a better landscaping choice? Which one has low maintenance and is easy to clean? 

Those are the questions people think of when they decide their landscape settings. 

Don’t worry, Everlast Services has some common client questions and we’re happy to answer them! 

Artificial lawn or turf: Which one is lower maintenance 

This depends on the landscape you live in. The majority of individuals decide that an artificial lawn is the best way to set their landscape if they want a natural, flexible backyard. This is great, particularly due to the extreme climate. But, if you don’t have time to mow or trim, go for synthetic turf for lower maintenance than lawn. 

Artificial lawn or turf: Which one is space-efficient? 

For those living in limited space, a synthetic turf would be the wisest option. This can be included in a small balcony apartment, where higher traffic is prominent due to coup up spaces and a high volume of people living together. Artificial lawns would take more space at this point, causing them harder to maintain. 

The budget

Artificial lawns cost more to install than turf. This is because, regarding the size, it also has the pump drain issue to ensure water does not accumulate under the lawn and keeping it dry. 

On the other hand, turf is cheaper to install and has long-term durability. Just remember, synthetic turf also needs care which includes the costs of fertilizer and water. 

If you are seeking improvements and would like someone to take care of your landscaping needs, then look no further than Everlast Services. We have experienced landscapers too, who will work with you to create your perfect outdoor living space. Regardless of where you are, be it Altona, Laverton, or Truganina, we will be there for you to create your ideal outdoor living space!