The driveaway path: maintenance guide for beginner

The driveaway path is considered one of the important aspects of landscape elements for walking, driving and leisure activities.

Under several circumstances, the driveway condition can deteriorate quickly.

So, how do we maintain our driveaway path effectively?

Here are a few factors that driveaway maintenance can be simple and productive:

The driveaway path needs to be clean.

Regardless of how spotless it is, the driveaway paths always have debris accumulated along with other dirt. Consequently, use this chance to make sure the pathway is steered clear of obstacles and dirt. Remember, all of those factors can lead to the deterioration and degradation of a pathway structure.  In addition, frequently use high-pressure water to sprinkle off any remaining dirt and sweep off any rubbish off the pathways.

Choose concrete over tiles pavement.

Tiles may seem beautiful to the eyes, but they come with long-term maintenance and renovation costs.

Instead, choose concrete. Why? Concrete is much more durable and lowers maintenance in the long run.

A concrete hard surface provides stability. In addition, they can trap dirt and dust easily than tiles due to the rough and rocky structure. This means higher efficiency and management compared to tiles.

Manage the drainage on your driveway path.

During the monsoon seasons, it is pivotal to make the drains are clog-free due to overflooding. The overflooding pathways can cause many problems. This includes muddier surface texture, stains and submerging issues. Make sure your drain is free of water and leaves!


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