Dog yard guide: Safe-proof methods

Dog yard is translated as having a dog in your backyard. Every pet-lover has a dog that loves hanging out behind the yard, whether is enjoying the sunshine or nap.

As wonderful dogs are,  they are mischief, funny beings that have an overwhelming recklessness.

We can train our dogs to be mindful and disciplined. In addition, the owner has the responsibility to ensure the yard is safe for those animals to roam.

Here are some tips we can provide for those rays of sunshine creatures.

Dog yard needs fences.

Fences can help to protect dogs that are large or small.  It is important to choose a fence that will prevent dogs from escaping. A few factors need to be considered such as height, material and sturdiness.

Height is especially important. Make sure that the fences are high enough to prohibit dogs from jumping over. Consequently, you want to ensure fences are tall enough for dogs to see outside which can help them relax when they are stress.

Fences materials prioritize the dog’s escape chances to zero. Make sure they are durable and hard enough to decrease the chance of fence damage, as well covering any gaps for the dogs to escape.

Sturdiness boosts the defense of the fence and ensures to protect dogs from any outer environment harm.

Make sure to clean your patio often

The last thing in your mind is to let your dog’s dirt running amuck o the patio. Make sure to keep the patio clean and tidy always, removing any potential debris that has accumulated there. If you have clean it with water, make sure not to allow your dog to run out till it is dry to avoid any slippery hazard.

Clean out any poisonous plant/foreign object in the yard.

Some plants and flowers are often disguised as a tasty snack to bait wild animals to eat, only to find themselves receiving at the end of the stick.  Different dog breeds often have different allergen reactions to different plants. Here is the list of common plants that every dog should avoid:

Daffodils, tulips, lilies, hyacinths, azaleas and rhubarb leaves.

Lastly, any foreign object and chemical poison can be a danger to any dog. Just watch out and keep them out of reach!

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