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Swimming pool maintenance guide for beginner

Imagine having a pool of blue water in your backyard on a hot summer day, with a nice breeze, and you’re swimming while hosting a pool party. If you’re lucky enough to have such a swimming pool, here are some pool maintenance tips to keep your pool sparkling, fresh, and ready for use every day.

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Design gardening guide: For beginners

Design gardening guide is one of our team at Everlast Services’ well-versed aspects. The landscape design and garden makeovers are important, but knowing how to start from scratch is furthermore important. For one thing, it’s a fantastic way to be active and be outdoors, gardening has been shown to be good for your mental health,

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low maintenance garden

Low maintenance garden for 2021 guide!

With the approaching of spring, are you looking forward to relaxing in your backyard garden? Getting some sun, enjoying afternoon tea, or stargazing? A beautiful low-maintenance garden can extend your living space and allow you to be close to nature and enjoy life at home during the epidemic, but maintenance can require a lot of

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Garden transformation: Beautify guide

Garden transformation is something landscape lovers should consider, especially having limited space in their homes. A small garden can be transformed into a beautiful icon in the house if managed properly. For those wondering about utilizing their garden to the fullest, there are a few tips we have provided: Garden transformation: utilize space such as

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Driveaway path

The driveaway path: maintenance guide for beginner

The driveaway path is considered one of the important aspects of landscape elements for walking, driving and leisure activities. Under several circumstances, the driveway condition can deteriorate quickly. So, how do we maintain our driveaway path effectively? Here are a few factors that driveaway maintenance can be simple and productive: The driveaway path needs to

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Artificial Lawn

Artificial lawn or turf: Q&A guide

Artificial lawn or turf? Which one? Which one of those is a better landscaping choice? Which one has low maintenance and is easy to clean?  Those are the questions people think of when they decide their landscape settings.  Don’t worry, Everlast Services has some common client questions and we’re happy to answer them!  Artificial lawn

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which trees are great for shade

Which Trees are Great for Shade in the Summer?

If you’re looking to set your backyard up for summer, your first task is to figure out which trees are great for shade. Summer in Australia is synonymous with the outdoors – soaking up the warmth and sunshine at every available chance. What better place to relish in the warmth than the comfort of your

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deck maintenance tips for summer

Deck Maintenance Tips for Summer

The days are getting longer and longer, friends are entertaining more often, kids are running barefoot in the backyard and we’re all getting a bit more time off work. It must be summer. If you’re lucky enough to have a deck, you’ll know how nice it is to spend a sunny afternoon there relaxing with

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Sloping landscape

The Top Five Easy DIY Landscaping Ideas

Are you looking for the best DIY landscaping ideas that don’t require and expert? If you’ve recently found yourself with a lot of extra time on your hands, then now is the perfect time to put your landscaping and handyman skills to the test and try out some new DIY landscaping projects. At Everlast Services,

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AD8 - Aluminium Art Decor Stone Fence

The Benefits of Aluminium Fencing

Are you wondering what the benefits of aluminium fencing is? Everlast Services have all the answers you’re looking for. With more than 20 years of experience in the fencing industry, the Everlast Services team knows what qualities make up a superior fence and aluminium fencing has become one of our favourite fencing options for a

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