Water feature elements (Beginner’s guide)

A water feature is an important garden decoration solely for nature lovers wanting to experience nature a step away in their backyard. 

It can be very daunting to replicate a natural element as the risk of creating something artificial is higher.


So, how do we do it? How can we incorporate some of the water features elements to sound and visualize normal? 

Fortunately, there are myriads of ways to introduce that aspect into your garden. 


Enjoying nature is about highlighting the sounds, color and fragrance.

Incorporate 3 of those together and you shall get the best of worlds.

Water feature sounds… Priority number one.

Sounds are a big aspect of our life. The sound of water falling is what describes nature’s element at its best.

If you want your garden to be noisy at its best, the easiest thing to set up would be… Having a bigger fountain! Big fountains attract lots of animals, such as frogs and birds, which can be luxurious for your nature decoration. 

Don’t overlook the quality of material 

Water features depend on the material that you choose. You will want to consider what kind of material can produce the sound brightly compared to dullish materials. For this, I recommend choosing rock compared to plastic and metal. Metal has its own highlights considered brighter sound can be produced and stable endurance. Unfortunately, they succumbed easily to moisture. In addition, plastic under any circumstances can never endure high-temperature heat, which can bring negative effects to your garden surroundings. Rocks, on the other hand, are very versatile in different environments. Having rocks not only looks fantastic in your garden, but it also has the qualities of a metal minus the disadvantages. 

The power source of the water feature

Water features derive energy from electrical power sources. To simplify this, a bigger fountain means a bigger energy source. Most aspects come down to whether you are willing to do the work of installing cables and batteries. Most fountain features require underground cables linked to power-up displays. By no means, if this is within your budget, go for it! Just remember, minimal is a balance when it comes to a more natural fountain feature. 


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