Outdoor lighting (Guide for night views)

Outdoor lighting is a magical element needed to transform our garden into a fantasy land!

Often, we tend to focus more on the layout and landscape rather than adding flair to it.

But mind this, a sensible and artistically beautiful lighting layout can bring a warm and romantic atmosphere to a courtyard at night. It is more infectious and homely than the courtyard during the day.

Lighting has been accompanied mankind through thousands of years of darkness.

Today’s lighting is a testimonial from the field of environmental art as an important factor in embellishing and enriching the environment. Garden lighting can be said to be the highlight of the whole garden design!

Courtyard lighting is very delicate, shape, material, color, proportion, scale, giving it a chance to shine amidst the darkness.

So, how should the lighting of the courtyard be designed? How should the lamps be selected? How can the courtyard show its charm at night?

Fret not, outdoor lighting is a meticulous element to be chosen well. It can either break it or make it, therefore Everlast Services has prepared a guide for DIYer’s!


The main types of lighting in the courtyard are floor lights, wall lights, lawn lights, spotlights, water features, etc. The choice of lighting design in the courtyard should take into account decorative, energy-saving and environmental protection, and safety issues.

Here are our favorite tips on what outdoor lighting must look like!


1. Outdoor lighting; Pay attention to the design of the location

Lighting is generally located at entrances and exits to courtyard green spaces, corridors, steps, around buildings, water fountains, sculptures, lawn edges, etc.


2. Note that the brightness is in harmony with the environment

Depending on the level of the courtyard environment, the choice of light level should be appropriate. For example, entrances and corridors require sufficient lighting intensity, while in quiet paths only general lighting is required.

Soft, relaxed lighting will make the small courtyard environment more peaceful and comfortable, friendly and pleasant. The entire lighting should be uniformly laid out, with both even and undulating illumination, with the artistic effect of light and dark rhythm. At the same time, inappropriate shaded corners should be prevented.


3. Pay attention to the right height of the lamp column

To ensure that there is an even brightness, in addition to the uniform position of the lamps and the reasonable distance between them, the height of the lamp posts should be appropriate. The height of the lampposts is related to their use. Generally, the height of the lampposts is around 30-60 cm, while the height of the lampposts used for scenery should be determined by the situation. In addition, the ratio between the height of the lamp column and the horizontal distance between the columns should be appropriate in order to form an even illumination.


4. The design of the pool outdoor lighting is very important

The design of the pool lighting is essential. Different lights can create different romantic colors for the pool; the evening sunset in the sky forms a halo, forming a quiet and romantic picture with the pool lighting in the near distance.


5. Lighting in conjunction with a veranda

A porch, although not enclosed, can define the space and give people a sense of belonging and security, while strings of lights add a romantic and warm atmosphere to space. …… So if you have a porch in your yard, don’t forget to dress it up with strings of lights!

6. Decorating trees with lights

Trees, being part of the backyard and pavilion in their own right, can be the perfect vehicle for strings of lights.  To put it simply, you can choose to decorate them with a number of lights. You will choose a small string of lights that wraps around the tree trunk and branches. It makes larger lights that hang from the branches like lanterns. For a better effect, ground lighting can be added partially.


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