Synthetic lawns guide: (What to be aware of!)

Synthetic lawn are an aspect of a low-maintenance garden that needs to be taken care of regardless.

Just because they are artificial doesn’t mean 0 maintenance! It takes less effort and a shorter time to tick that checklist off your weekend. In addition, you get the best out of it since it’s in top shape!

So don’t be afraid to tackle what is in front of you rather embracing the garden journey! Here are a few tips you can aspire to get your cleaning tackle right away. 


1. The synthetic lawn needs water!

Yeap, you’ve heard it! Just because it’s synthetic doesn’t mean it doesn’t require water! The water helps to reduce the dirt and debris in the grass, making it easier to clean and sweep off the surface. 

2. Keep rubbish out of the lawn, please

Rubbish on the lawn is a no-no. You want to make sure that artificial lawn is free from any waste incase they invite unwanted pests. Try to make sure all animal products, wrappers, and plastic bottles are removed from the lawn immediately instead of accumulating. If there’s a smelly odor, try to use the below tips:


  • Use white vinegar that is diluted mixed with lukewarm water, then pour it on the odor spot. 

3.The synthetic lawn should be free of damp conditions

This is stress constantly over the fact that synthetic lawn does not have the same function as natural grasses do.

What I mean is damp conditions can foster the growth of algae and fungi on the lawn, making it uncomfortable to sit.

Make sure that you inspect your lawn regularly to detect any algae or mosses in a damp spot. In addition, you can spray chemicals on it early to prevent a small outbreak on your synthetic lawn. Finally, make sure to inspect/spray every 3 months to prevent it so.


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