Vertical Gardening and Suitable Plants

Have you ever seen the beautiful hanging gardens displayed in Babylonian during ancient times on TV? Fascinating, right? Do you want own one in your own garden? Let’s read this article about Vertical Garden.

With less space and big harvest, vertical gardening is a unique way that can take advantage of the vertical space you have in your garden. Most importantly, it is a fantastic way to add some lush greenery to your home.

You can just install vertical flower beds or simply use hanging containers to display them on walls or fences. What’s more, make sure your plants have sturdy support and plenty of sunlight.

What Are the Best Plants for Vertical Gardens?

There are many important points to consider: Are you focusing on the aesthetic aspect most? Are you seeking for edible plants? Is the area big or wide enough? Is the area exposed to light or shaded?

Generally speaking, which type of plants mainly depends on the purpose that you are trying to get, the space in your garden, and the climate. Here, we will show you some popular ones.


They come in many shapes and sizes, such as cane, compact and variegated. All of them are covered with their pink, white or apricot flowers and thrive in the small garden


Ferns can definitely fit a stunning vertical garden. In a vertical garden setup, the hanging leaves of the ferns hang over the edges of the vertical frame, making for a lush, forest-like look.


Don’t have enough sunlight? Consider Hostas, which needs shade and a cool climate. With striking green, patterned or variegated leaves, it has sprays of white and lavender flowers in summer. Plus, this type of plants dies back in winter but regrow in spring.

Edible Plants

Edible plants such as herbs like basil and parsley are a great option for vertical gardens. If you have a small area to plant in, these are perfect since they don’t take up much space.


Just want bright color? Here it is, Ivy Geranium. Prune in early autumn to renew. Your sunny garden can be perfectly decorated by the colorful flowers.

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