Ideas for Creating an Outdoor Room in Your Backyard

An outdoor room is a perfect place to enjoy some fresh air, and have fun with friends and family, especially in the summer! With the right tools and design layout, it’s easy and affordable to make it happen. By creating an outdoor room, you’ll make the most out of your backyard’s space. You can combine outdoor furniture, decor, landscaping, and other elements that suit your style and needs.

Shade from the Sun

Sun protection is necessary if you want to spend as much time as possible in your backyard rooms. A covered area will provide shade so you won’t develop a sunburn, and they can also help shelter you from light rain.


Gazebos are an excellent option for creating a covered seating area. If you want something beautiful to boost your property value, a wooden gazebo will look lovely. For a more budget-friendly way, you can buy DIY gazebo sets.


Pergolas are a beautiful way to create dappled shade. Plus, it will be breathtaking when you allow climbing plants and vines to grow around them. Adding lanterns or twinkle lights will be much more beautiful.

Creating Privacy

Building up “walls” for your lounging in the backyard creates a nice sense of privacy and intimacy while also effectively separating different areas to create rooms.


Lattice is a perfect way to create walls for backyard rooms that feel natural and appropriate for the space.

Hedges or Potted Conifers

Hedges or Potted Conifers can also act as walls if you arrange them in a row, blocking sight lines, creating a windbreak, and establishing separate areas.

Decorating Your Outdoor Room

Water Features
Water is one of the most important elements in an outdoor room. Even if you’re creating a room for entertaining and dining rather than meditating. A container water garden or a tabletop fountain works perfectly.

Floors are an instant way to distinguish your outdoor room from the surrounding space.

Pavers are fantastic for backyard dining areas for they prevent the legs of your chairs and tables from sinking into the soil, and they’re easy to clean if you drop food!

Find a big, pretty carpet that’s weather-proof, place your patio set on top, and voila! You’ve got an outdoor room.

A cozy fire or fireplace is becoming a staple for outdoor rooms, because a hearth can extend the season of your outdoor room by several months. Consider two-sided fireplaces or portable fire pits.

Plants soften hard edges and add a sense of life, warmth and comfort. Choose plants based on the feelings you want to evoke in the space. For example, a meditative outdoor room works best in shade, surrounded with ferns and hosta with ligustrum to define borders.

If you’re looking for ways to decorate your outdoor garden room, visit Everlast Services! We’re happy to help you create your outdoor dream space today.